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Things That Make You Chuckle


Fair point, which is why I posted the Momoas to get things back on track.


That I’m getting Planet Fitness adverts on the homepage of this site … haha



At the request of @unreal24278:



Definitely got a single chuckle out of me.


So my dad has started watching Matlock reruns like grandma used to. Can’t bring myself to tease him about it yet. Haha.


My wife once tried to force me to binge watch Columbo with her. I made her watch it with my dad. I also had a Japanese girlfriend in her 20s who loved Columbo. What the fuck is it with Columbo and Asian chicks?


Bitches love Columbo.



Does anybody NOT love Columbo?


Anybody dissin’ Frank Columbo, yes thats his name, is going to get short shrift from me.


At work we were discussing a guy who managed to ruin his chances of promotion, twice, by running his mouth to chiefs, and I said he had shot himself in the foot.

“No,” my friend said, “he shot himself in the dick. When you shoot yourself in the foot your friends will help you stop the bleeding. But when a man shoots himself in the dick, well, nobody wants to touch that.”


Yeah Columbo is way better than washed up Andy Griffith. The way he just pesters the hell out of the suspect until they confess. “One more thing…”


Was just accused of having a narrative on Twitter for backing a Dem (ai know right) bill in MD, lol. Kids.


Last night there was a dude in the gym decked out in the full gym-guy gear. Stringer vest, belt, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves etc. He did that thing where you kind of strut around growling to get psyched up, had his mate shout encouraging shit to him (you got this, bro!) and even took s couple of hits of ammonia…

Before benching 95k. For 5. He then immediately jumped off the bench and snapped a selfie.

I know it’s not cool to make fun of someone’s lifts but Jesus Christ - all that performance for 95k.


Unrelated but I remember how much I had to psych myself up to bench 100kg the first time. It went up pretty easy in the end but jumping the mental hurdle of 2 plates and 3 digits was a while coming, it felt like I was in the 90s forever.


I’ve told this story dozens of times on the forum, but I had missed 100k like a million times and it was becoming a real fucking issue. I was training with this gnarly old powerlifter dude and when I was about to attempt the hundo he made me load 105k instead. I was like “dude, you’re crazy I’ll miss that” but I absolutely smoked it!

It was just the mental block of the 100k was fucking me up. Crazy shit.


A thing that makes me chuckle:
My dog’s sulking pose when my partner, daughter and I all cuddle without her. IMG_20190228_180520|375x500



That’s quite a look of betrayal.


She was lay down, noticed us all together, then sat up to give us the cold shoulder.