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Things That Make You Chuckle


How about this?

But no, yea, a billionaire dynasty NFL team owner getting involved with hookers is way more a bigger deal.


That makes me chuckle too…


Best headline never written:



This is SUPER immature and juvinile. However someone in my age demographic posted this meme/image and I legitimately burst out laughing when I saw it, it’s the sheer stupidity of the image that makes it so comical



This is so ridiculous to me, ha, how can you even get yourself in this situation, I guarantee there is some gold digger out there in their 20s or 30s that would’ve fit the bill for him.

Also, at what point is exchanging goods for sexual services not considered prostitution?

Young, hot woman - …
Kraft - Just so you know, most of my girlfriends end up with a Lamborghini …and stuff.
Young, hot woman - Oh, that is very interesting! Can we get dinner?

A week? A day? A label?


More cynical guys would argue that’s all marriage is. You pay them to go away. Rather than fee for service, the cost is half your stuff.


My stay at home wife jokingly said she’d gladly take half of everything and alimony if we split.

Uhhh… listen lady. I’ll give you half, but no fucking way I’m paying alimony.

I think she was joking… lol


It’s a weird double standard if you think about it. The stay at home spouse gets half of the stuff because in theory she contributed in other ways to the marriage.

Then, when the marriage ends, the working spouse is expected to continue supporting the non-working spouse financially. But the non-working spouse is not expected to continue to contribute in other ways. Either those non-financial contributions from the non-working spouse are valuable, or they aren’t. They can’t be either depending on what’s convenient.


Alimony rules vary so much from state to state and country to country, it’s ridiculous. Texas has no alimony at all. In Kansas, I have to pay my ex basically 40% of my income, minus what her income would be if she was working (she’s a nurse, so able to make decent money), and yet somehow I still ended up paying her $3,000/month. Also, with the new tax laws that just got enacted, I’m responsible for the taxes on that income, where it used to be her who was responsible.

At least it’s only for 1/3 of the duration of the marriage, which comes out to 5 years 4 months, and I’ve got 2.5 years gone on that now. If I’d gotten divorced in California I would be paying for the rest of my life.


I agree. If kids are in the picture, it’s a different scenario. It’s because they are used to certain ‘standard of living’ and losing that would be detrimental yada yada.

F that. I’d agree to give my wife 70% of my networth if it meant I didn’t have to give up my salary.

Or until she remarries, right? Although… what’s the incentive to remarry, ride that check and the boyfriend until it runs out.


Exactly, it incentivizes shacking up. I mean, why get married and lose that gravy train?


So, I’ve been reading the last few posts and double checked the title of this thread - I think we have a misunderstanding of what “chuckle” means


Yep. This not-too-fun discussion is better served in this thread:


It’s all fun and games until the t-shirts come out.


Hard relate to shit comic :joy:



Well, some things you just have to laugh at the absurdity of…


“That’s interesting. We generate nearly double the GDP/hour worked of your generation. Work smarter, not harder.”


Okay, I posted this over in training logs where a conversation turned to Samoas girl scout cookies, but had to repost it here.

Didja see what some girl scouts in Colorado did? They relabelled them ‘Momoas’ with a shirtless Jason Momoa picture on them, and they’re selling them like crazy to thirsty soccer moms… One of the funniest things I’ve seen.


Cool cool cool cool … a couple posts sure, laugh at the absurdity … it started to take a turn from the generally absurd to the acutely real and sad … the chuckles were beginning to be too few and far between and the sobs all too frequent so…