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Things That Make You Chuckle


I used to think that a while back. Then the crash in 2008-10 hit, and all of my friends had to move back in with their parents.


I agree with him. Smart kid.


In the post he said he broke his foot and therefore we won’t be seeing anything like that for a bit.


Shattering my hopes that real superheros exist … just like Mr Glass


Have you managed to get it out of the garage and further than 2 blocks? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, I’ve had it for a year and a half, now, and I’ve driven it to Texas and back several times, and I’ve probably logged 5,000 miles so far. Of course, I’ve also had to replace the alternator, do an after-market modification to make the convertible top useable again, I lost a piece of the left front wheel well to a piece of road debris, and now I’m dealing with a tail light that doesn’t want to work consistently. I knew going in that it would be a challenge, but it is a blast to drive, and it looks great! 162 mph top speed from a car I paid 5 grand for is pretty good in my book, but 140 mph is the highest I’ve been brave enough to take it… still had plenty of throttle and power left at that point, though.


Watching a 5 year old assume way too many things are voice activated after discovering Alexa at a friends house.


Pretty sure my kids believe I am voice activated. Their reaction when I don’t do what they want is exactly why I don’t have one of those things in my house…

… besides the additional spying from corporations ofcourse.


That stairset is known as the Lyon 25. You should Google jaws and the Lyon 25. Skaters session stairsets like that and take huge slams, get up and do it again


Man, the one dude who she says couldn’t lift anything looks SO BUTTHURT.


That got some legitimate laughs out of me. “Well all the guys I know use viagra.” :joy:


Limiting the SALT deduction causes the rich to flee higher tax states. Now flyover country isn’t paying to shield high-tax states’ tax payers from local and state taxes. This is glorious. Cuomo’s mindset is just hilarious on this. It isn’t New York’s fault for having high taxes. It’s Florida’s fault for having lower taxes. The lack of self awareness is just perfect.

This is Atlas Shrugged in real time. People respond to incentives. Who knew?


It also BRUTALLY murdered the refinance industry. New home loans are only down a smidge, but refinance volume being so down is massive.

California people can’t use their homes like ATMs anymore (to anywhere near the same effect). Bit of cosmic justice in that


I just refinanced in November. But my SALT are $8K of the top of my head. So it didn’t matter to me.

Truly dumb question I’m sure I’ll kick myself for later: How does not getting a SALT deduction over $10k reduce my incentive to pull equity out of my house in CA? I didn’t think a refi (or debt of any kind) was a taxable event.


Higher value with cash out refi = higher MTG payment for the year = higher interest paid. That interest can no longer be wrote off in full.

Also some CA counties have been known to adjust your public county valuation (that your total prop tax bill is based on) based on your recent increase in value.

That second one isn’t super common though.

Also iirc you can write off a portion of up front property taxes paid at closing.

Also… There’s something in the back of my head about various mortgage insurances being tax deductible, but I’d need to refresh myself before speaking on it accurately. It’s been a bit


Oh, man. HAHAHA!



I’m more than a little surprised nobody’s found this sooner and 'shopped Mueller’s head onto The Boogeyman harassing the WWE Hall of Famer. Seems timely*.

*- Not a political statement one way or the other. Not going there. I stumbled onto the clip, put two and two together… and chuckled.


Someone’s still celebrating