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Things That Make You Chuckle


How that person’s ankles are still structurally sound is beyond me - and people don’t think X-Men aren’t real


I havent slept since!!


Saw this, thought of @Nards for some reason.


Technically, this made me laugh out loud!


I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone actually tried to chase down one of these guys. I hope it’s trip over their shoelace and get caught.


Let the boys watch Batman Begins. Trying to see if they got the nuance I asked the 5yo “why do you think Batman refused to use guns and doesn’t kill the bad guys if he can avoid it?”

3yo runs by and answers first: “because he’s silly.”

Definitely the merc child.






Lol!! I love this


Wife and I just had kids, we both have good paying jobs, work extra as coaches and are very financially stable (or so I thought, ha). Was just told by a venting ‘buddy’ that his girlfriend said that she doesn’t want to have kids until she’s financially stable, he pointed out that they make more than my wife and I (well…he thinks so anyway) and that we just had twins and are fine, well apparently she, “…doesn’t want to be like D and his wife.” she wants to be like, “K and L (another couple who are financially successful and stable) they make better money.”

He led with, “no offense, but I probably make more than you.” so I can’t be offended, right? haha I choose to find this humorous rather than upsetting, I never, ever tell people what I or my wife make as it is unnecessary, but not gonna lie…felt a little betrayed by the girlfriend, as she’s supposed to be our friend as well, guess we know now.

:roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:


Remember most people’s perception of “financially successful and stable” is pretty skewed.

Plus if she doesn’t have all the information about your financial situation, but doesn’t want to emulate it… what’s to be insulted over? Let her judge you and do your own thing anyway haha.


Agreed, that’s why I chose to let it be humorous haha I was just surprised that they think a bit less of us than I guess I had imagined, undeniably taints my friendly feelings towards them a bit, unfortunately.


Right, people only see spending, they don’t see financial health. I’d rather be the couple living modestly with no debt and a nice savings account than the couple with a showy car and mountains of debt.


For sure. This just says to me that I’ll be living comfortably when I retire rather than spend now and pay (more) later with the debt.


Heh, I drive crappier cars than all my peers and some of the people who work for me, and I live in an old Victorian fixer-upper house. I enjoy fixing things, and I greatly enjoy not having any car payments or a mortgage, and I don’t worry what anyone else thinks about me. Of course, being on the spectrum, I’m not always good at picking up on social cues, so it’s possible I’m just happily oblivious to being looked down upon…


Unless you tell them, people don’t know how much you make. They just know how much you spend. We have a word for people who don’t understand this: poor (or soon to be).


Wife and i made a decision about 5 years ago, so we paid cash for a small house (1900 sq ft), in a good neighborhood, pay off the cc every month and have no car payments. a few retirement accounts, plenty of cash in the bank…
when we have people over, they comment on how warm our house feels.
but… going to friends homes, that have 5 bedrooms, awesome kitchens/bathrooms and a jaguar in the garage, boat in the yard, etc…it’s hard to think that we arent settling for less.


I get this … but keep in mind your buying security when you don’t want to work/can no longer work/have no reliable steady income. Peace of mind, to me, is worth all the boats in the world…you’re investing in a comfortable, relatively worry free retirement, they’re investing in their present at the expense (presumably) of their future peace of mind…

There are opportunity costs to every decision we make no matter who you are


Hey, don’t get me wrong, I actually have a Jaguar in the garage too… It’s just a 1997 XK-8 that I paid $5500 for, and I maintain it myself (fighting a stubborn lighting issue right now). Still a Jag so it still counts! :stuck_out_tongue:


We satisfy ourselves by shopping around. Sunday we spent a good couple of hours looking at lakefront property and discussing the house we’d put on it. Or maybe just a camp. Or we could buy a boat and marina it somewhere we want to be. So far we haven’t pulled the trigger on anything, we just keep maxing out our retirement accounts, which are only a portion of the total savings. Maybe we’ll do something someday, maybe not. But just knowing we CAN seems to do it for us.

It’s one thing to go shopping and decide not to get anything because nothing is cool enough to bother with, it’s a whole other thing not to be able to buy because there’s no money.