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Things That Make You Chuckle




Well the only case study we have would say a billionaire is in no way shape or for suited to POTUS.


Blonde mustaches are back.




I…never thought they left :frowning:



Mario Fabiano, first language: Italian.

Second language. Yinzer.

@SkyzykS @ActivitiesGuy


It’s probably from growing up and being around a lot of Italians, but I didn’t hear anything unusual until they pointed it out. I’d seen the news clip a bunch of times too between last night and today.



He’s lucky Mad Dog is gone or he wouldn’t have made it through the front door without being chopped down by a mighty knifehand


That just shows the degree to which your perception of language is shaped by where you grow up, lol. Seth Meyers interviewed Joe Manganiello a year or two ago, and they were laughing about how people from outside the region simply don’t believe that anyone talks the way Yinzers talk if he speaks his native tongue (near the end of this clip):


Joe is a great example. Did you know that there’s an audible W at the end of his name?

Lots of dialects and languages have silent letters.

We have invisible ones! :crazy_face:


I think my wife is turning into a sociopath.

I had a dream last night that my jeep was stolen and all she was concerned with was not being late to meet her friend Betsy. While I am trying to help her to understand what a big deal this is, she takes a call, turns out it is from a dude that is across the room from us, and she goes over to him to talk face to face. I head over there and tell the dude that it aint cool for him to be calling other mens wives, and while he is sharpening his knives, tells me that he doesnt appreciate me calling him stupid. I have to drag my wife away, and she cant understand what my problem is.

Then the alarm goes off, i make some coffee, then that crazy wife of mine has the ballsack to ask me how i slept.

I tell her the experience that i just had and that i dont appreciate her patronizing me. and now…get this… she’s mad at ME?

so. I think I’m married to a sociopath, and have no idea where to go from here…

any idea would be helpful.




You’re a beautiful bastard … that shit’s funny man … thanks for that


Maybe you just shouldn’t sleep anymore?


An old friend of mine got a new log for his home gym. I went over to have a session with him as I rarely get to see him.

We started with bench. His 3 year old son is in the garage mucking about with tools and what not. I ask if the kid’s going to be okay. My friend says he’s fine.

So we progress to the log. Turns out I asked the wrong question, I needed to ask if I was going to be okay because mid-set, while I have the log in the rack position, I feel a hard whack to the side of my knee, followed by a manic laugh.

I can hear the kid is next to me so I cant drop the thing. I have to reverse Steinborn Rockover this thing down… thank goodness it was empty.

There I see this little fucker with a hammer and I’m sure he’s ready to go at me again but his dad, laughing at me, takes him away.

Little pricks. Anyway, amusing looking back on it.


Buys fake ID



the state lawmakers acknowledge that they have a responsibility to help

You know something good is following a sentence like that lol


Wow. Good thing you didn’t drop the log out of surprise. That’d be one smooshed 3 year old.


Do they want black markets for cigarettes? because that’s how you get black markets for cigarettes…

Hi, I’m from the Government and I’'m here to help…


Holy shit. Not really a chuckler but it needs to be posted somewhere. I reckon its a 12 to 13 foot drop and a span of 21 feet.