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Things That Make You Chuckle


Where it can really bite an employer is if a high/drunk employee hurts/kills somebody else. Then the injured person or angry widow will come at you in every way possible claiming your lax enforcement killed their loved one. Then your general liability insurance company will try and drop you as a customer.

So yeah, if the CFO and HR know what they’re about… they really should care about drug users at work.


In most jobs it’s pretty easy to pick the drunk/high person out of a crowd. Also the vast majority of jobs don’t put people in the position to be capable of killing someone (thank god).

Is this a thing? Like a legitimate fear of happening? I work in the staffing industry and I’ve never heard of this.

You’re forgetting the inherent added cost associated with keeping a clean staff in any company. It’s massive.

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Even boring tasks in heavy industry and logistics are potentially fatal. Guys get maimed or killed all the time just trying to fix machinery.

At my one job we had a guy kill himself at one of our plants because he picked up an unbalanced load with a crane, it swung and crushed him against the wall… done. He had a beer that day with lunch at a local bar, like he had every day for the past 40 years. The widow sued saying it wasn’t in the handbook that you couldn’t return to work with a legal measure of alcohol in your blood, and that policy contributed to her husband’s death. The company settled rather than go through the 2 year lawsuit.

So yeah, it happens.

The Stupid Thread 2

You mean like an Uber driver?

Or anything related to construction, maintenance, fabrication, manufacturing, warehouse work…

Somewhat related- I’ve always worked in high risk fields. My wife has never been particularly concerned about my safety or health in that regard. Lately I’ve been working with a few friends where the heaviest thing I lift is a cup of coffee. Every morning my wife says something now like “be careful. Be safe, etc”.

Last night I finally broke. Laughingly I asked her “Honey, where was all of this concern a few years ago when I was doing tandem crane lifts of 80 ton steel structures in that meat grinder, or getting my head caved in?”.

Of course she explained it away, but it was just something that just really got a laugh out of me.

The Stupid Thread 2

Lazy legal teams are ruining the world.



True story… A few years ago we found out the oldest boy lost his virginity .
Well we were sitting at the dinner table and I am minding my own business and my wife decides to bring up the matter to my son. Well my wife was calm and explained she knew he was a young man and had wants. ( now understood my wife was very concern about him messing up his future by getting this young lady pregnant) So my wife told him point blank this…" if you find you are having a hard time controlling yourself…(wait for it) SINK IT IN HER MOUTH!"

and my reaction at the time


She’s actually quite brilliant.


Damn, did she hand him a bottle of throat numbing spray for the poor girl too?


thats a good mommy, right there!!


Mother: Son, you’re a young man and I know you have needs
Son thinks: Dear God No! Don’t let this conversation happen
Mother: When you’re having sex…
Son thinks: It’s getting worse! Please make it stop! I suppose it can’t get worse now, she’ll probably just mention condoms
Mother: Just sink it in her mouth
Son thinks: and there it is…


Part of me was hoping his son replied with: A2M isn’t hygienic, mom.


If I learned anything from Demolition Man, we’ll only be having virtual sex when my kids are old enough for the talk. Phew…



FTR I don’t think it was a bad joke … I just like this meme and wanted to use it


At least I don’t have to figure out those damn sea shells now.


@SkyzykS well one could say shes practical
@Basement_Gainz to be honest during that period she was in Bat shit crazy mode and would have if it came down to it
@Edgy… you think?
@strongmangoals LMFAO



Why is AOC getting so much air time? Bernie is considering running, Hillary won’t rule out a run… now Shultz might try and split the ticket?

The DNC might just manage to out bumble the RNC. That’s a tall frigging order.


We just got my kid to start eating fish. Last night was whiting and tonight was salmon. It helps him to run super fast!


if true … says the woman who only worked her way up from barback to tender and never served on a city counsil first … STFU AOC, ya basic


I can’t believe this needs to be explained to her.

“Look sweetheart, once you’ve been CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation your skill set is much better matched to President than city councilman.”