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Things That Make You Chuckle


…and every in Wal-Mart that day a collective sigh of frustration and disappointment was released. Oddly, it smelled like bacon grease.


Niacin doesn’t work, that’s a myth. Gotta pack bag of (clean) piss in your lunch box.


And make sure it’s body temp when used!


Had a pot head coworker beat a test by taking super unsafe doses of no flush niacin and drinking 2 gallons of water in a day. I know that’s n=1. Could’ve just been a cheap test.


Or use one of these. NFL guy got caught with one at an airport.



Dude I freakin hate Walmart. It’s just depressing in there. Giant warehouse, usually cold, weird people, all grey, fluorescent lights, etc. I hate it.

@usmccds423 - I’d go ham on a cinnamon bun that big. I’d totally buy one just to see how it’d go.


I had a guy (medic/security) at a place I worked that retested me, thinking the test kit was faulty when it didn’t show any substances.


Depending on the state you’re in and the job you’re applying for, fake synthetic pee with a heat pack from your local glassware shop will get you past nearly all drug tests.

In the staffing industry, the sourcers refer to it as ‘the stupid test.’

Don’t do the pee in a bottle for other people thing. That’s absurdly outdated and will get you caught nearly everywhere now. There’s enzymes that break down over time and they can tell the rough time since pee now.


I once didn’t get a job because the guy looked me in the eye and said I was lying when I told him I had never smoked weed… which was true at the time. Apparently I can’t tell the truth well.


I get the giggles when I’m telling the truth and I think the other person thinks I’m lying…at least I used to when I was younger


Me too haha. Really makes it hard to cast the appearance of being innocent.


So has it become beer-and-wine-ish? Are the professional types who would previously have either abstained or hidden use now open about it?


Am I the only one who let out an actual laugh at the date?


I don’t understand why people have multiple accounts.


For shit posting


Why can’t you shit post under your own account? Bunch of beta cucks if you ask me.


Got a job offer last year. I said “what’s your onboarding process look like, drug tests/background check etc…”

Old guy looks me straight in the eye: “you do drugs?!”
“Drug test over then”


I’m actually surprised we don’t drug test more with all the fork trucks flying around. We do one during onboarding and that’s it.


It’s because most employers genuinely don’t care as long as you don’t bring shit (meaning drugs/drama/etc) to work with you.

Plus unless you’re a felon to allow them to force someone to watch you pee, it really is a stupid test. The synthetic stuff is like 19.99 and can be ordered via amazon prime.


tbh my neighbourhood has always smelled like bong water. The times I’ve gone into a dispensary, the clientele is heavy middle aged and many professionals. Dispensaries are still not legal. All sales are to go through the government distribution website but they don’t have the variety people are looking for. Dispensaries will be licensed this spring. In the meantime, they get shut down and open again the next day. My preference is vape. It’s easy to control. I don’t like to be super stoned. I like a mellow send off to sleep and a small vape hit suits me down to the ground. One of my considerations is that it’s not wada legal if you compete in a tested federation so you have to be aware of how much and when you use. I wouldn’t use anywhere near a contest.

This is the Ontario website https://ocs.ca/#/verify-age