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Things That Make You Chuckle


Am I the only one who thinks it’s humorous that a thread titled “things that make you chuckle” has turned into a discussion about weed?

Or am I just not cut out for this?


My dad smokes a decent amount of bud. Probably puts about $60/week, if not more, into it. I think he’s actually got a pretty good connection, so he gets a decent amount for that. Maybe a fourth. Not sure.

Anyway, he works for a masonry company, and I’ve worked at the same company before. We had a break at 10am and 3pm, and lunch at 12pm. Him, and most of his coworkers would smoke all three times. A hit or two on the short breaks, and more during lunch.

I don’t know what exactly each guy got out of it…maybe it helped the day go by faster, made the job seem easier, I don’t know.

My first day there, a guy offered me his bat. That’s just a small pipe with usually enough for 1 hit or so. Anyway, I was 15 and hadn’t gotten into anything yet, so for some reason I thought it was a cigarette. Was about to say yes, purely because this guy was one of the younger ones, like 19 or 20, and super jacked. I’d see him at the gym after work and was very impressed with him. Reached for it until another one of the younger guys pulled the first guy’s hand away saying “Hey! That’s (my dad’s name) son.” My dad had a reputation for being a tough guy, and I guess getting his son high on his first day of work wouldn’t have gone over well.

Long story short, most people I know smoke daily, throughout the entire day. I would say that most smokers I know are more your typical stoners, less so people who just enjoy an occasional high. I recently found out that my family doctor, a devout Catholic with a son who’s a priest in Rome, smokes, and has another son who has a farm in Oregon. I know some of the doctors and other wealthy professionals in town have dinner parties that often involve smoking, and apparently some coke use at the wilder ones. Those would be the ones I think of who use more just on evenings/weekends.


My bad


We’re just all really high and are chuckling our asses off to this.


No, it’s me. I’ll shut up and go eat some cheeseburgers.




This thread is “what makes you chuckle”, not “what gives you the giggles”.

Stop spamming it all you friggin stoners!!


I’m pretty sure that Weezer is Rick rolling the entire world in grand fashion.

And I like it.


:police_car: :police_car:
Good to know! :laughing:
Actually, I’d still need a reason to search your car. The way it stands, you either give me permission during a voluntary encounter or I find a reason to call a K-9 to come sniff around.

We have to be able to articulate what we have discovered. I don’t even think my department has marijuana field test kits because we can testify that we smelled it. We’re obviously not smelling oils so it’s easy to miss. And the part about having better things to do is exactly right. If the prosecutors don’t care about it then it definitely goes way down on my list of priorities.

I’d like to think that legalizing it would reduce our number of dope rips that turn into homicides but they’ll just start selling something else illegal.


After an OSHA meeting, a couple employees joked about smoking weed, and someone overheard, wrote the owner a letter, and complained that people who smoked pot in their free time shouldn’t be allowed to work at the plant. Keep in mind, we’re a custom job production plant in a trade that’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per order, and we do it very well. As a reaction, the owner implemented random drug tests today. I like smoking weed - but I’ve had several jobs (Marines, corrections, pharmaceutical) that had regular drug testing, so I can stop when I need to. However, literally 90% of the company regularly smokes weed, and that’s just the people I know of. Most of them have 20+ years on the job, and the trade is old enough that there are no new people to hop in and replace the old timers who fail the test, which leads to immediate termination. My worry, right now, is not about not being able to smoke weed, it’s that if they do a company wide drug test tomorrow, we will go out of business the next day.


If they didn’t have them up to this point they probably aren’t going to go full throttle any time soon.

A lot of companies don’t really want to spend money to find out something that they don’t want to know, other than as SOP in the event of an accident.


Niacin, prepare for some red-faced time. Just sayin.


There are a lot of them. I’m a professional in a legalized state and it’s astonishing how many people are cracking open that particular closet door and peeking out. It’s definitely at the parties I attend. It’s at the parties of your college professors and other staid old community pillar-types. Bear in mind that today’s 70-year-olds were 18 in 1967.

I would say that this is how the people I know are playing the game. I view it as I do beer and wine - you like to have some fun on the weekend, no problem. Even if you pour a glass of wine every evening while you’re cooking dinner, no big deal. Occasional excess, okay. Regular but very moderate, fine. But if you start drinking in the morning and need to nip all day, you’re not fine. Same with weed. You can’t be successful (by my measure) if you smoke all day every day.


My brother-in-law just congratulated one of his kids for getting 10th place in some group contest thing and, yes, they got a trophy.

I get being proud of your kids, but come on…




Username checks out on the comment (fatphobicbitch) made me lol. Looks like something my wife would write.


it’s for fat vain middle aged women…

well she ain’t wrong


We legalized nationally last year and the speed with which it became main stream was amazing. Our city has the distinction of having the highest density of dispensaries in the country. This is despite the fact that sales, for the time being, are all meant to go through the governments dispensary.


Didn’t know where else to share this. Some of the clips did make me chuckle as a Marine.

Do not click if you don’t want to see a dead body and violence.


Necessary disclaimer for the average American.