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Things That Make You Chuckle


Weed is so cheep here. And, there’s a shop every few blocks. I’ve seen billboards advertising $15 oz, but never checked it out.


I vape a bit of weed at 185 degrees which is the right temperature to not burn it. Burning releases the carcinogens. The waste is basically decarboxylated weed which is perfect for edibles. No waste.


Selection bias man … I’m curious what the average age of the people to whom you distributed were?

Coincidentally, that’s how much my local recreational dispensary is charging … glad to see they’re in line with market prices

@pfury how much do you pay for a cartridge? How much do you smoke from it per session (i.e. how many puffs to get you high)?


I pay 40-45 per 1g cartridge. I’ve bought some before from California at 50 before, but tbh I couldn’t tell a difference so I didn’t buy them again.

I break everything down by thc content. Since I’m not managing pain to need to care about the CBD levels or anxiety to care about the means on consuming.

So 1g cartridge @ 80% thc for $40, or 1g bud @ 10-12% for $10. Means I’m paying 100 bucks for a gram of thc in bud form, or 55ish for a gram in oil.

These are obviously dispensary numbers as well. From your local neighborhood pot dealer, the thc could EASILY be down in the 5-8% range. Add on never having to worry about moisture, skunking, etc. You also don’t lose any product with stems that may be in your stuff.

This is actually my favorite part. After the learning curve of ‘how hard should I hit this’ you can easily microdose to keep a small buzz all day, without building up a crazy tolerance.

All of my bud smoking was done with bowl/bong/papers, so it’s very hard to light and come back to it later if you don’t want it all.


High schoolers (my friends usually), local college students, and adults 20’s to 40’s. Fairly wide range. I know some doctors in town get good stuff from somewhere out of state, but that’s kept fairly on the down low and I don’t really know anything about it.


Same. I have a couple rec dispensary options around me and I’m kind of pricing them out and getting a feel of what the ‘free market’ prices should be … the dispensaries aren’t far off for bud…the cartridges are a bit pricier…


What kinda prices are you seeing? I don’t know of many places charging more than 60-70 for high end cartridges, and that’s still more cost effective than bud


LMAOOOOO one of my friends greened out in school, started throwing up everywhere and fainted- teachers thought he overdosed on something so they called 911 haha. They searched my other friends car in the school parking and found the dap pen, now they are both suspended and the friend who greened out probably has a huge hospital bill. Lucky I decided to sleep in and go by myself that morning.


I’m seeing $70/g



So at that price I’d still definitely recommend oil over bud for the quality of life value alone, but you’re definitely not saving a ton assuming you can get bud for 10-15/g


When you say “buzz all day” I come up with 1000 questions. The first if which is “how many of you are there and how do I invest in dispensaries?”

Secondly, what benefit are there to buzzing all the time? Does it help you deal with job and work stress? It’s hard to relate to since I know you are a boring old square with work/kids/wife/bills. I’ve known people who were drunk all the time (with predictable results). But most MJ smokers I’ve met only get high during evenings and weekends.

Is this something better placed in another thread?


I ‘buzz all day’ maybe 3-4 times a year. The most recent one was when I hosted Xmas for my wife’s family. It’s not super common for me personally.

Plus I don’t really have a need to always be buzzed. My kids are pretty cool

Yeah this basically it. Many people are replacing their depression/anxiety meds (not nearly as reliable for people with intense depression/anxiety).

My middle sister will have days where she’s a little buzzed most of the day if her anxiety is flaring up

Yup. This is me.

There’s a good bit of public companies. I still think they’re very good buys. The country is nowhere near full saturation. Not even close


Just make sure you do your research. I put a bit of money into a couple of public companies way too high. It’s play money so whatever, but now I’m basically in a holding pattern to see what happens.



Yeah never do any stock investing when you’re way too high. That’s a recipe for disaster!


Lol, I wish I had that excuse!


Millions. Once it’s legalized. Billions…(disclaimer, I have no idea how many people are on this Earth man. I’m sooo hiiiiigh right now.)


Thought I’d add my own experience. I love flower, but I just don’t smoke enough qianity wise to make it worth it. A toke or two a night and I’m good. Problem is, the bud dries out and goes stale after a few weeks, even kept in a airtight jar, so I end up throwing away bud and buying fresh flowers. I’m a snob when it comes to smoke quality and taste though.

These days I mostly just buy oil cartridges for vape pens. I usually have a sativa 1g cartridge ($50), and a 5:1 ratio CBD to Indica thc cartridge ($65). The 5:1 is the one I use the most. I find vape pens much more economical and suitable to my lifestyle where I’m out in the mountains 2-3 times per week and weather + lighters don’t mix well.

Most airports in weed legal states do not care about small amounts, so I usually bring some edibles with me for plane rides. Being 6’4", it makes 6+ hour flights in economy class much more tolerable. On the return flight I just pop the second edible right before going through security, easy peasy.

Overall, pretty happy to have “another tool in the tool chest” available to me.


pardon my ignorance - so what this is saying is for every 5 units of CBD there is 1 unit of Indica THC right? What effect do you get out of this? Genuinely curious…



CBD by itself doesn’t do much for me, but low dose thc with CBD seems to offer a very mellow “regular” weed high, but without any anxiousness, cognitive slowing, or burnout that I usually get with straight thc. Basically a mellow version of all the positive effects, while the possible negative effects are significantly blunted.

It’s a little more expensive, but a much better and more effective option for me.