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Things That Make You Chuckle


Must… resist… obvious inappropriate fellatio joke…


… I was thinking of the Arnold quote


haha, oohhhhh right


Fun fact. Bud these days clocks in mid to low teens on the thc scale.

I’ve got some oil cartridges at home with no waste or mess at ~low 80%

I cut my expenses by like 60% switching from bud to oil, and wax is even cheaper


I actually really struggle to smoke the mind-blowing weed you get these days. The guy I buy mine from (I buy like an 8th every 6 months or something) I buy from purely because the shit he gets doesn’t send me crazy.

I know a dude who imports the shit from like California, Holland, etc. I can’t smoke that shit at all! Just turns me into a blabbering, anxious moron.

In my younger days I could’ve gotten into it but these days I need a mellow high.


Wouldn’t that be the ultimate frigging irony if they did?


Come on man, Google has been doing this shit for 20+ years lol.

You want fucked up, I went to a camping store. Didn’t look anything up, just dropped in and a day later I’m getting camping ads.

Me and the wife were talking about a trip and two days later I’m getting ads about flights.


That’s one of the major benefits of the oil/wax. You can micro dose with less waste.

My middle sister does a tiny hit when she starts feeling anxious. Hasn’t taken any of her depression/anxiety meds in a couple years.

That being said, her anxiety symptoms were always pretty minor compared to other people I’ve seen


Google asked me to rate my church one afternoon after we drove there and back. When tech goes skynet, we’re screwed.


Do you have an Alexa, or Google home thing? If not, that worries me even more…


All you need is a phone with gps, and to have allowed it to share locations with apps.




Ya, I detest these things- this is one of the few things that I actively hate.


Your phone will actively inform on your location to various companies. I currently get a ton of Yelp stuff on my phone whenever I go somewhere- “Rate this Taco Bell, Rate this 24hr Fitness” blah blah blah.


An eighth of an ounce??!!


Yeah, like 3.5g. Is that weird? It doesn’t last me a whole 6 months, that’s just how often I smoke it.


I’ve only smoked a couple of times, and it’s always been passing a blunt around with a group of people, so I can’t personally attest to how much an average person does use, but I have some slight experience in…distributing it, and with many people I’ve found that an eighth is a common amount to get for a week or two!

Where I live, it’s about $10-$20 for a gram, and $40-$50 for an eighth, depending on your connections, so it partly depends on your financial situation, but yeah, I thought an eighth for a half year was very little. I don’t care at all, just surprised by it. You’re in Ireland, right? Or somewhere around there? I realy have no idea what the pot “industry” (price, availability, etc.) is over there.


Yeah but those dudes are probably smoking a lot more frequently than I am. I’ll take a hankering for it, buy an 8th, smoke maybe half of it over the course of a few days, then it’ll sit in a drawer untouched for months.

I smoked an absolute ton in my younger days, smoking all day every day, but I’m waaaaay past that now. I’m 33 years old, I’ve got shit to do.


True. I figured that, just was surprised at first.


You prefer oils/wax over bud? Those are extremely difficult to come by where I live, and I believe come with a felony if caught in possession of, but I do know one guy who has switched entirely to them, as he owns his own business and mainly wants to avoid the smell while still being able to use.


Very much so. I have 2 kids at home as well, fwiw. Oil cartridges are insanely lower waste/price, while also being much more discreet (and the microdosing I mentioned above is amazing).

I’m in Ohio, but the guy I get them from gets them straight from Michigan dispensaries. Potencies range 70-85%.

I believe that’s technically the case in Ohio now.

I never leave the house with an oil cartridge. When I buy them, they ride home in the spare tire compartment of my trunk.

As an aside, there are CBD cartridges that are IDENTICAL to the thc cartridges. My youngest sister smokes like a chimney and sells a bit on the side. She throws away the box the thc ones come in, uses a piece of masking tape to label her cartridges, and always carries CBD packs with her.

She’s been caught with cartridges by local LEOs twice now, but they let her go when she produced the CBD box. That being said, I’m not sure if it’s because they bought her story or if it’s because we’re in a metro and they’ve got a 1000 better things to be doing.

All of that being said, nothing beats a good bong rip.