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Things That Make You Chuckle



Fwiw, GoRuck’s stuff is solid.


I have some of their smaller gear, and it is all really high quality stuff. And I absolutely love the looks of the GR1… except it doesn’t have a water bottle holder. Honestly, that is keeping me from pulling the trigger on one. I always carry a water bottle with me, and I hate the way the pack looks with one of those bulky side attachments.

Edit: For what its worth, I did a Goruck Heavy two years ago. Highly, highly recommend any of the Goruck events, great way to test yourself in a new way, while meeting up with a great group of people.


I can’t remember if my wife got me the GR1 or the Bullet, but ya they’re built to last for sure. Pricey, but high quality.

I’d like to do one of the Goruck events at some points. They sound pretty cool.

*They’re designed to carry a hydration bladder iirc, which is probably why there’s no water holder.


As much as I would like to use a hydration bladder on a day to day basis, I feel like I may get a little judgement in an office setting haha.

Honestly, for a ruck, it is awesome. For a day to day backpack, just not what I was looking for. I made do with a 5.11 pack for the heavy, definitely got scratched up pretty good but it made it through okay.

Ya know they give a 25% discount for military? Also for Police, retired military, students, and teachers. With the price of their packs, that’s pretty substantial.


Yes sir, Troop ID has saved me a ton of money.


That reminds me of my one niece when she was little.

Soooo hard not to laugh IRL.


Lol, I just applied for a job at a marijuana company. Where’s Zep at? I want to see his head explode, ha!


No kidding?

That actually has me lmao.


Those dirty weed capitalists need finance people too, lol.


I’m gonna need @pfury to tutor me, though. I don’t know what half of this shit is, lol.


There’s no better teacher than first-hand experience :wink:


Do they do pre-employment drug screens?


I dunno. I’m not holding my breath, tbh. I’m punching up on this one a bit.


My buddy has been trying to get me out to CO for some gummies…


Start with 1 lol. New age edibles aren’t for fuckin around.

Highly recommend oil pens. Very easy to control self dosage, very discreet, etc


Dude, Imma start with a leg…


They’re usually 10 mcg per gummy. Unless you’re a sub 100# woman you’ll be totally fine with a whole gummy.

Just don’t double the dose because when the second one kicks in people tend to already be hitting it from the first one and they panic


Smoke a fucking reefer, man. Does no one do that shit anymore? It’s all vapes and edibles. Back in my day you rolled a joint and passed it round your mates!


Don’t ask me, I’m basically a choir boy in real life.