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Things That Make You Chuckle


Is that like a 3 line crossover?

That would give people schismses.


5 ways. Might get stabbed by an OCD nerd.
Star wars
Star treck
Harry Potter


This was already out before I realized it which was a great surprise.

It’s the 20th. Have you finished it yet?



That was a legit problem when I’d take my kiddo to lift when he was a baby/toddler.

Little bugger liked to celebrate lock outs with a hug!


My two only think it’s a “lift” if you put the weight over your head and lock it out. They see me do a deadlift or BB row, “now do the rest of the lift daddy.”

Or they end up in my gym effectively throwing weights behind their head when they try to put it overhead and bail.

Reason 457 why I lift in the mornings.


I can’t wait til I can have a home gym…


I think that is a very natural or instinctive thing to do. My kid does that with what ever he can too.

He’s never seen much ohp, snatch or c&j.


I’m about midway through it and I like it so far.



This is precisely why I take cold showers so I can desensitize my thin self from the bitter New England winters


A random co-worker just gave me a fist bump in the hallway. I don’t even know what to do with that.


Next time you see him, fist bump then quarter turn right into hip bump.


Good plan


honestly, if you can get some video of this that’d give me a proper chuckle for sure


Go to get on an elevator yesterday and there’s another dude from my floor (different business) We walk in and there’s two women who go to get on the elevator, see us and say “we’ll take the next one.”

Guy looks at me after the door shuts: “I bathed today! What the hell is with that?”

“Two grown bearded white males in an elevator. We clearly set off their creeper detectors, not worth the risk.”

“Fair play I suppose”


I used to work with a high-fiver. I could never bring myself to give a high-five. My inner 5 year couldn’t believe I could leave someone hanging.


All sled riding routs in my and the neighbors yard lead straight into a tree at the bottom.

Started thinking “hmmmm. Wonder if it would look suspicious if that thing just kind of went missing?”.


In the past hour or so I looked at a couple articles regarding rucking on Google.

Then I get an ad for GoRuck pop up on Facebook. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an ad for this company.

Also very briefly looked up stuff regarding rifles on Google, then get an ad for a shirt from a company that seems very “patriotic”. First time seeing this too.

I just had to chuckle at this. Fuck this shit.