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Things That Make You Chuckle


I LOL’d.

Ok, I’ll go there…

“People” say that Heath Ledger was driven over the ledge (pun intended because I’m an asshole) due to playing the Joker in Batman. I say it was due to being in Brokeback Mountain… breaks keyboard


Brokeback Mountain wasn’t that bad. A little heavy on the buggery, but it wasn’t a terrible movie


Kids got to watch jingle all the way with Arnold at their Grandpa’s. Spent the whole ride home arguing about who gets to be Turboman.


Did you step in like “kids, kids… I am obviously Turboman!”


Did you know Will Smith was supposed to be Neo but gave up the role for Wild Wild West?


Great, so they say laughter is good for your health. Also, consider incorporating it with exercises and workouts. I will constantly visit this page. It made me to chuckle a bit.


There’s a guy walking around with a small white towel hanging out of the back of his black pants. Right in the middle. It looks like a tail and every time I catch it from the corner of my eye I have to stop my set bc I keep laughing.


It speaks for itself


I lol’d - thanks man


Got this alert on amazon today. Not sure what’s funnier, the photo or the caption of “tell us what you think of this photo”.



My 5 year old work out buddy unfortunately discovered the chalk in the room and what I was using it for, and wants to help. She’s been chalking every section of the trap bar, including the ends. The bumper plates are also now being chalked, and my axle bar has such a thorough coating it falls into my face sometimes floor pressing. I’m going to need more chalk soon.


I was unaware that brain damage was a method of training…


This didn’t just make me chuckle. This was tears streaming, ab wrenching laughter.



That got more than a chuckle from me!





Talked to a guy in the elevator today. It was everything I thought it could be.

“What floor?”
“Four please.”
“Which business do you work at?”
“The insurance company.”
“Oh cool, are you an actuary?”
“I don’t know what that is. We just do insurance.”
“Have a good one”


You should’ve said “Oh. I’m in women’s panties…”