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Things That Make You Chuckle


Amazing, and can’t stop laughing either, but why the fuck would you stop after the first page?!!!


I dunno, dude. I would read/watch the fuck out of a full length version. It’s hilarious and clearly a Russian bot.


I read it to my wife. She is now bones wrapped in eggnog from laughing.




Styx is in the Metal section on Google Play Music … lol


I’m pretty sure now that my dog has been messing with us for a couple of years. She’s supposedly deaf, but every so often she slips up and responds when my wife calls her. She just did it, then caught herself and stopped.

Until the cat meowed. She perked up and turned her head, only to see us looking very suspiciously at her.


sorta like when the first Grammy for Metal performance went to Jethro Tull over Metallica back in 89


I was looking at the video on my phone, then cast it to my TV and watched it on YouTube in full surround sound, which, when that song was written would be like space age sci-fi witchcraft.

My 6 year old didn’t even flinch. I can’t even explain to him how amazing that is.


Geez we are terrible at xmas. My wife always gets the idea to do some form of handmade presents on the theory it will make things cheaper.

It always ends up a fuck-tonne more expensive as well as a pain in the ass to make and far more stressful.

This year, she decided to do these weird cloth grocery bags. She asked me what I thought of the idea. It turned out she didn’t actually want to know what I thought.

After she finished, she decided these grocery bags looked like a cheapskate gift. I was shocked. She is now using them as gift wrapping… so each gift is “wrapped” in a 20 buck bag.


Mistakes were made. Lol, been there.



How you gon’ 'get punk’d by Jake Gillenhal? That dude’s corny af


I liked him in Southpaw, but I think that’s about it. I bet that white t-shirt was $300 dollars.


Donnie Darko and End of Watch were good. I hate that he ruined himself with Brokeback Mountain… actually, I guess I’m just a bigot. That could’ve been a good flick but I can’t bring myself to watch two gay cowboys.

Edit to add Night Crawler. He was creepy AF but he played it well.


I legit dislike him in everything I’ve seen him in with the sole exception being Donnie Darko. it’s to the point where if he’s in a movie I just don’t want to see it. Same goes for his sister with the sole exception being The Dark Knight


Zodiac was great. Jake was also good in Prisoners and Nocturnal Animals, but those two are not as easy to watch and fun as Zodiac. Source Code is OK too.

I’m prejudiced against Brokeback Mountain. I never saw it and just pretend it doesn’t exist.


Kids are watching Rudolph today. This is my favourite mashup of all time.


For some reason I cant focus on a damn thing this women is saying!


Lol, Self knows about porn, right…