Things That Make You Chuckle

Trying not to laugh at stand-up clips whilst at work in a quiet, dimly lit office space with other focused co-workers surrounding me.

That makes me chuckle. And not…

Not sure if this works, but thank the stars if it does. :smiley:

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Assblaster - The perfect band name? My associations on this name made me chuckle.

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Cuz “Sausage & Kraut” just isn’t very metal.


Honestly, I’m impressed. Goose sized bear is pretty bad assed.


For the record, I figured it was always clear that a goose sized bear is a much bigger threat than a bear sized goose.

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I knew they were toothy and had claws. Had no idea they intuitively work the sprawl and side angles.

Did you see how he got low an basically worked a quadruple leg takedown? That was tough!

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Have you ever encountered a goose? Those MFers are mean AF.

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I know it’s a gimmick, but at 50% off I couldn’t pass it up.


Now pose with it and post a pic.

Unless you’re not worthy.

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Their necks are weak.

Ask me how I know.


How do you know?

They are tough bastards in general though, the neck is their Achilles heel. When I was in high school my two best buddies took down a goose so they could cook it and eat it. Two arrows didn’t kill it. They had to ring it’s neck. It was a stupid thing to do IMO, and they said it tasted terrible.

I would be much more worried about a bear sized goose compared to goose size bear. We would have lots of human casualties if we had geese the size of bears. I have been attacked twice by geese, never been attacked by a bear. I’d probably be dead if geese were that big. If they were that large, the neck wouldn’t be so weak either.

Whats the weight?


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Can you spin it and fly…just kidding, don’t try it

That is cool though

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Was hoping for something else… :rofl:

You’re not wrong.

What IS wrong is this ladies unhealthy relationship with that bird. But thats a whole other thread.

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