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Things That Make You Chuckle


So should I start texting you this then? I go ass to ankles homie

(full disclosure, I haven’t hit a 315 squat in over a year, but my all time max WAS 475 about 10 fucking years ago FML)

FTR I do not like your Pats fan friend … he gives us reasonable Pats fans a bad name — also FTR, it does SEEM like “reasonable Pats fan” is an oxymoron, but I assure you, we unicorns DO exist


Haha he’s a good dude, he just does normal “26 year old bro in the gym” stuff, and since I don’t want to flame him in real life, and instead be supportive of his lifting and “PRs” …I flame him here :joy:


You’re a noble man haha




Without reading that story, I’m gonna call BS, and say that contest was rigged to ensure maximum clicks/links/hastags/whatever, so that the organizers would get free advertising.


Lol, probably. I didn’t read it.


… or to get the credit card details of the father of every teenage boy in the country lol

An alternative I like to imagine is the father entering and winning then pinning it on his son… who then takes the fall in return for a PS season’s pass or similar.


Either that or some poor little guy is going straight from virgin to syphilis. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


I’m laughing b/c this is in the “news” section … shouldn’t this be in the Lifestyle section??

is there any better way?


Calm your tits, Groupon, I’m at work…


I read somewhere Bill and Hilary are selling tickets on Groupon to their speaking tour…


Probably in the trash sections.


At the gym there’s a guy, quarter squat guy. He was doing seated calf raises with probably 5 plates. He slams the plates to make sure everyone or anyone will look and see how much weight he’s doing. Then he sits down, grunts, groans, takes a deep breath and proceeds to do seated calf raises with 2 inch ROM. He was going so fast he looked like a jack rabbit jerking off. Literally got 5 reps done in a few seconds. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while :joy:.


My wife didn’t get anything done today because she couldn’t stop watching Hallmark Christmas movies… :facepalm:


If someone were to start a thread on Hallmark Christmas movies, would your wife post in it?

…just asking for a friend…


Lol, no I don’t think so.


I’m not about to lose her to one of you home town hunks that’s willing to teach her the real meaning of Christmas. She’s my woman!


I think you won the internet for today “teach her the real meaning of Christmas.” Has to be the best euphemism I’ve ever heard.


That shit got me too!!


I can’t stop laughing at this