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Things That Make You Chuckle


Speaking of Christmas decorations,

@ChickenLittle you have any pics of the choo-choo in all its glory yet?


I didn’t get a chance to get a pic of the while thing. I don’t like how the other girls install the lights but…


Very cool! Thanks.


I agree and have always said “Next” when shopping for homes and one has an HOA or expensive “specials”.

I also think there’s a limit to what you put in your yard. Broken down cars, boats, RVs, furniture, etc is bad for everyone. Luckily, my city has laws against that so I don’t have to wait for an HOA to step in.


I need to stop browsing Instagram during class. I always have to explain to my teacher why the hell I’m laughing while they talk


Times change. Mobile phones were just getting into kids hands when I was about halfway through high school. Every kid who was caught using one saw their phone get flung out the window… then you had to explain to your folks why you were using the thing in class and why you now no longer have a phone.


I’m the same way, but compromised.

This is technically outside the city limits of a town and the HOA is professionally managed, so you don’t have retirees just looking for things. Pretty much all the HOA board does is set the fee and select the management company. The lots are all 1.3 acre (me) or 2 or 3 acre lots a short train ride out of NYC, so it’s all investment banker types.

Aside from the annoying Xmas decoration thing, it’s main purpose is to pay the security guards at the gate and mow the medians/maintain private roads, make sure the houses meet C&C – and keep people from having giant RVs and building stupid buildings.

The DIYer next door is pissed because they won’t let you mow your lawn any time except 9-5, M-F, which I also think is pretty snotty.


Why not just require use of a professional landscaper at that point? Don’t 95% of working people work M-F 9-5?

He should get a goat to keep his grass trimmed. Let the HOA chew on that.


My one year old grandson makes me chuckle. He follows me into my gym at home and grabs a kettlebell and growls as he tries to deadlift it. Cracks me up that little dude.


Well, that’s the purpose, really. If you work, you can’t do your own lawn.

He owns a bunch of heavy equipment dealerships (“yellow equipment” to quote him) and could certainly pay for it. Instead, he stays home Friday and mows his lawn, fertilizes, everything. Big job on 1.3 acres. I asked him how much he charged, and he said, “nothing, but the lady of the house lets me f–k her.” (an old joke).


1.3 acres is a pretty big yard. He may want to charge a little more.


I can’t imagine buying anywhere there is an HOA. I also think it’s insane that one mandates putting up Christmas decorations. I hang a wreath on my door and that’s the extent of it. Ridiculous.

As for other stuff like shitty items in yards, municipal bylaws should take care of that.


I fucking hate HOAs.


As long as they’re reasonable, it’s a self selection that ensures I don’t have to be bothered. For that, I’d easily pay $100-$150 a month.

My grandma’s condo, in PDX, was approaching $600/month. That was asinine.


condo’s are different as there is more common elements and items like property insurance that is pooled and paid through the association. I’m a commercial insurance broker who mainly works with Condo Associations(great business in florida at least). Depending on what state and how close to the coast, premiums can get extremely high. People forget that some of these buildings are $20-30M+ in replacement cost and at least here in Florida, the state statutes mandate full insurable limits which each owner contributes to in the form of their assessment dues. Now the caveat is that your own insurance is a basic HO6 policy where you are paying for the contents and ‘box of air’ that you own which is minimal.

Also the entire concept of community associations is to preserve the values of your home. But much like government’s main function is to protect it’s citizens from foreign invaders, promote common justice etc, we all see that the bigger the government entity becomes, the more directive its functions become as well. Same for your association.


It’s the human element. It eventually ruins everything.


I get it. We worked for the developer to manage the building. It was just reach stupid territory. HOA board was out of control with their events


Has anyone seen this video with the labels “Kids” (the kid running the ball) “Parents” (the offensive line) and “Life” (the defense)? Well, there is an 18 year old senior with a pretty terrible attitude towards authority, and he has taken full advantage of the school system (teachers/counselors/administrators) sticking up for him and ‘blocking’ real life consequences, and I’m super excited for real life to hit him at the goal line (probably a dick move, but he wants to be treated as an adult) when he gets out of school he’s probably in for a rude awakening.


Latin countries call Kermit The Frog, “Gustavo.”

I dunno why but that fucking cracks me up.


In Spain.

He is called Rene in Latin America.