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Things That Make You Chuckle


Probably just semantics.


Or perspective.


That’s nothing. Look up Connellsville and their recent kerfuffle!


When you teach kids from the age of 4 to shake hands after every contest, win or lose. And the other 59 kids on the field all follow that rule. What does that say about the character of the one abstaining?

I had to shake a kid’s hand after he broke my nose with an illegal cross face. I didn’t dare not shake his hand because I knew my coach and dad would kill me if I didn’t behave with class.


Oh where the kids claimed slurs were used from the stands and from the kids on the field? Then one school canceled all games with the other school forever? Yeah that was odd.

We had allegations ten years ago against our players, everyone denied it of course. So the coach made a rule that the only thing you were allowed to say to opposing teams and coaches was “good game” at the end. No communication at all with the other team outside of the handshake. Same goes for social media.


This reminds me of a time I played my neighbors team in Little League. He was the last batted out, with a ground out to first base… which I was playing first. He made some stupid comment, as we both walked to home plate to shake hands. When I shook his hand, I said ‘you suck’. He then faked tears and made me publically apologize to both teams and parents. That was the worst moment of my 11 year old life.


Oh I’m not excusing the shitty sportsmanship from the kid. Hopefully his parents or a coach got in his ear about it. Just saying it’s an emotional kid who just played his last HS football game that the 500 or so adults were targeting. Not the classiest move either.


I don’t notice anymore because I am so used to seeing it but today I noticed - there are 15 bottles of half full shampoo and conditioner in my shower. I’m pretty sure that’s a decade’s supply for me lol


Email sent to executive level management:

“… please update % in column “XX” and everything will calculate accordingly”

In column “AA” in bold red lettering “DO NOT UPDATE COLUMNS AA to AD”

So what do people do? I’ll give you one guess.


Tell them about their mistake and have yourself flagged as having a poor attitude.



If this is real, good for Harbro. This either took balls or a lack of self-awareness. Either way, bravo.





Power clean workout. Reps = 1. Chainsaw and wood hauling for conditioning.


There ya go! If duq. doesn’t hurry up they might not be too necessary anymore.





bigly if true