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Things That Make You Chuckle


I bet. I drop mine off at daycare and my 3-year-old probably says daddy 78x on the 15ish minute trip. Somedays, when I get back in the car and it’s completely silent, I start to miss them.

It’s fucking nuts how much kids hit you in the feelz.


Kanye and Candice Owens released a clothing line called “Blexit”, encouraging black exit from the Democratic party. I had to chuckle.


Personally, I think Blaxit would sound better, but…


Both sound like those cheap bathroom cleaners sold on infomercials.

Have stubborn, hard to get to mould in your shower?
Just Blexit it and it’s gone!


Son in the car:
"This is excavator "
“This is BUS”
“This is firetruck”
“This is grey car”
Me: oh god, shut him up
Drop son off…
5 minutes later…
Me: “This is excavator”


Close to my heart:


Ryan Reynolds is my favorite person



Chin gear is the best gear.




In an alternate dimension:


Damn you… I just threw up slightly


One of the smallest most rural public high schools in Western PA vs the richest most elite private school in Western PA ($25k/year IIRC). Playing on a neutral field for the playoffs. They actively recruit and should have won by 3 or 4 touchdowns. The small school came ready to play today despite having a line with almost nobody over 210lbs. My nephew is the fullback for the small school. His grandfather died on Tuesday and his last words to him were “win states”. That boy was out to banish people to the shadow realm.

Now the chuckles part. They have two receivers that will at least go D2 if not D1. Our feisty 5’7" corner shut the the best one down with at least 6 good pass defenses. Receiver was salty and started a fight. Wouldn’t shake hands after the game, literally threw his helmet and sulked on the sideline while the other 60 kids shook hands.

So naturally 500 parents started chanting “shake hands!” on the sideline. Almost started a fight between two land whale parents on the bleachers. It was glorious.


Hopewell VS. Shadyside Academy?


South side vs SSA yep.


Damn, parents talking shit to the other teams kids? Perspective is needed. Sounds like a good David vs Goliath game though, those were always fun.


Sounds more like 500 parents collectively parenting a spoiled brat to me.


We both know that probably wasn’t the case, nor the intent. Just the standard bleacher crowd taunting. Kid will have to get used to it at the next level if he does play there.


Nice edit…

We obviously define taunting differently.