Things That Make You Chuckle


Christopher Lee launched his Power Metal career at the age of 91. It’s never too late man.


Similar to the

“Why can’t I just find a nice guy!”

Nice guy approaches

“Too nice! No thanks.”



Is this a joke or a legitimate article?

If it’s real… what is WRONG with people…

Buying jars… filled with farts… FARTS…

I understood the used clothing fiasco, though I think it’s disgusting. This is a new low.

100USD… for a jar… filled with farts… no…

No way… 100K… for farting into a jar? No

I get where you’re coming from with this, but “too nice” is definitely a thing.

Gym buddy was “too nice”
The best way to describe it is that I felt smothered. I feel like I constantly had to be on guard to avoid being offensive or rude. Extremely exhausting

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“Too nice” is a red flag…

Simping doesn’t get girls, and “nice guys” aren’t always as nice as they appear to be.

Some guys however are just legitimately really nice… and I feel for them as shitty people frequently take advantage of nice guys.


Oh he was definitely legit nice. Not a simp at all.
The issue was a mismatch in moral and social sensitivity

And gals too.

I feel like a lot of these issues are human ones rather than male or female ones.

I have the same issue with a couple of my female friends. I have to always been self censoring and on guard to avoid offending and alienating them

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I’m really blown away by that one. :flushed:

I feel like this is a great topic for a nursery rhyme… I’ll see what I can come up with

You’re acting as if it’s a new thing…


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Mayor Eric Adams’s Comments on “Low-Skill Workers” (

There are so many reasons to chuckle in this story, its almost laughable (see what I did there?).

AOC, who would quite literally be categorized as a ‘low-skilled worker’ had she not been elected, comes to the defense of other ‘low-skilled workers’ while enjoying the pay/benefits of a highly paid politician.

Don’t forget vacationing to the state of Florida that she maligns constantly and enjoying the beaches here without a mask. Lol.


I only go there to take out my sexual frustrations on her boyfriends’ feet.

Wait, that came out wrong…


most politicians are hypocritical narcissists

But regardless, let’s keep politics out of this thread

Fair. It made me laugh is all (the hypocrisy that is). I don’t want a debate in the chuckle thread.

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