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Things That Make You Chuckle

I thought those were ME zercher baby bounces.

Like, That dude is the reighning world record baby bouncer. Also leading in “got your nose”.

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The dude is like 500lbs, he has quite a following on YouTube and Instagram.

He’s a walking heart attack

“Boys as young as fourteen have been allowed into the clinic”.

This is absurd… The age of consent in Austria is sixteen…

Future headline “Austria has world’s highest rate of vaccine uptake for teenage boys”

Oh great now we’re gonna have to deal with aids lmfao.

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Don’t quote me on this as I’ve never been to one, but I’m fairly sure countries that regulate prostitution are VERY strict about the use of condoms in brothels.

I know in Aus the rate of STD transmission in the sex industry is almost nonexistent as licensed workers are forced to undergo regular and very extensive STD testing or else be subject to very heavy penalties + license revoked

I also believe taking up work in this industry (at least in Aus) is HEAVILY discouraged, but for those who do regardless… At the very least they have an avenue to do so without risking prison time.

I happen to believe purchasing sex serves as an outlet for many otherwise lonely men who can’t acquire a partner through conventional means. I’m okay with that if it can theoretically blunt the progression from “lonely man” to “incel”. But what Austria is doing here… It’s almost like they’re encouraging men to go see a hooker, and I don’t like that. It’s like giving away alcohol, tobacco or cannabis as an incentive to go get vaccinated.

I understand the "it’s for the greater good’ argument, but I don’t like it (although I’m not in an uproar over it either). It’s enabling, promoting and encouraging vice

I tend to prefer a legalised paradigm, though I believe the nordic model works in a superior manner of we refer to reducing the demand for sex trafficking.

Nordic model for prostitution = brothels are illegal, being a prostitute is legal, but buying sex remains a misdemeanour punishable by a fine.

Booking a girl for soliciting who has been trafficked for decades at the hands of a sadistic pimp is beyond inhumane.

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Disclaimer: It’s not Weird Al, but a possible successor…

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Okay so here’s something I think went mostly undetected during the Trump administration (not getting political, hear me out).

Remember the Stormy Daniels situation? TL;DR: Trump paid Stormy to keep quiet via $175,000 hush money (this is a binding contract) with a $5,000,000 penalty to be repaid to Trump if Stormy didn’t keep quiet. Well, she didn’t keep quiet.

This meant that Stormy now owes Donald Trump $5,000,000. Now I don’t know what kind of fallback careers most pornstars tend to have, but something tells me that good ole Stormy didn’t have $5 mil in the bank. So HOW is she going to pay that money back exactly…? I imagine the porn industry isn’t going to pay her for her… seniority… considering she is past her prime days of porn.

I’m not saying what did or didn’t happen, i’m just saying that if she owed Trump $5,000,000 and her only method of making money was “physical labor”, shall we say… That Donald Trump LEGALLY pimped someone out while being POTUS.
I don’t think it matters what party you’re with, that shit still makes me chuckle.

That was way too easy for him.

Alternative response: “Didn’t know Rod Stewart did weddings?”.

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@cyclonengineer @SkyzykS

Book smarts vs common sense

A homework problem asked us to find the optimal capital allocation to maximize wage given that you are paid a fixed wage (a) and a proportion of profits (b)

This conversation happened

Keep in mind that my level of common sense is already sub par

Well that’s interesting.

A. Fixed wage.

B. Proportion of the profits.

The capital allocation is intended to maximize wage.

That’s a safe move, because profits can be negative.

A higher risk plan would be to accept a lesser wage with a larger quarterly bonus, or commission structure based on your performance.

It’s a monetary risk/ reward continuum.

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Which, considering Anna’s post, means that the best option may be to accept a negative b and then sabotage the company. You could make bank. Assuming the company doesn’t go bankrupt and default on its payment to you.

Really, the question is not what idiot would accept a negative b. The question is what idiot company would offer a negative b.

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:man_shrugging: I dunno. I’m not very sophisticated. I just figured that if there was a loss you would not get a share of profit.

But I guess if there was a company that had like a 1.1 billion dollar loss in q2 or something you could be granted a bonus of what ever percentage of that -1.1b?

All of the accountants abandoned the forum. They could probably explain why that would be good.

Where’s @countingbeans when you need him?

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I’m really just joking. B would never be negative in real life.

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I have no idea what y’all are talking about and it doesn’t make me chuckle at all.


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If you sabotage the company so it loses money, and collect a negative proportion of profit, you actually get paid. Therefore, maximize your fixed wage in exchange for negative profit sharing, and then sabotage the company so they lose money (negative profits x negative percentage = $$$$).

You’re playing checkers, I’m playing chess.

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