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Things That Make You Chuckle


I know I really shouldn’t be laughing since it’s an exercise machine but, I could not keep myself from smirking while seeing a middle aged dude pelvic thrust upwards from left to right. I was walking over to the dip machine and I saw him using that machine I posted a pic of.

Ah @tlgains! I see you caught me in action!

As a sidenote, I happen to know for a fact, that this is the machine @wanna_be could max out in…


This made me laugh :joy:. I do honestly need to do more glute specific work… and figure out how to add ab conditioning :joy:

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@SkyzykS this looks familiar :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The safety squint! Way too familiar.

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Ah man, I feel bad for the guy. (And for the people he shot.) Unless this was all a plot…

It sounds like an episode of Monk, haha. He was having an affair or something and decided to kill her by making it look like an accident!

the best part is that he is a producer on the film and replaced union workers who walked off set due to safety concerns with non-union workers. Such a fucking hypocrite liberal.

I was thinking about this as I read up on it.

It reminded me of the time somebody gave me drano, not really aware of how bad it was going to be.

So some abject fuck up is disgruntled, and jams a bore brush down a barrel thinking it will just go ploof, then puts it back into the armory like nothing happened but instead of going ploof- it kills one person and injures another.

I’m thinking that’s what happened. Something that appears ridiculously negligent but not exactly criminal or malicious.


Well. No need for speculation. Turns out it was loaded with a live round.


NSFL, and if you aren’t a superhero nerd like I am it’ll be hard to understand.

But very funny.

Don’t watch this at work… or around people… or people will look at you like there is something wrong with you.

Also NSFL, but hilarious.

“I’ve been arrested seven times… But three of those times were for… Vandalism”

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Australia in a nutshell

Supposed to be about the US though

That works for me.