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Things That Make You Chuckle

I have a decent amount of respect for Thrall due to his service as a Marine in one the most respected (and selective) units in the Corps and a couple years ago I liked a lot of his videos, but now it’s kind of meh.

Haven’t I seen him doing burpee’s?

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He’s mellowed on the Barbell Medicine cool-aide recently and it has made things much better.

You know how little boys will pull their pants down below their ass when they are standing to pee? Like you walk into a public bathroom and there is a little kid’s ass shining as he pees at the urinal. Today I walked into a restroom and saw a grown man, in a full suit, standing at the urinal with his pants pulled down below his ass. Fortunately, his dress shirt covered most of it, but I’m 49 years old and have never seen that before.


Up until maybe 5 years ago, I thought this was normal and that men just didn’t care about showing their asses.

I asked my little bro and he explained to me why men’s boxers have a big hole in the front… :sweat_smile:

I’ve gone into a public bathroom and seen a grown-ass man at the urinal with their pants around their ankles, more than once. I mean, I don’t even care about modesty, but do you want your clothing on that floor? Seriously? I just shake my head and go about my business.


Maybe the next time I really want to throw someone off their game I’ll take my pants off entirely and throw them over my shoulder before using the urinal


I wear my workout tights under my pants. I also have to rush to get a squat rack, so this happens on a regular basis for me :rofl:
Luckily no wardrobe malfunctions

Almost like an arcane territorial display to mark your squat rack - nice

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I have been to busy gyms… I am not opposed to urination to mark my squat rack.


Pre-workout ice cream.


one time on a trouble call I did this in the middle of the road to Pee off a bridge. It was in one of the wealthiest parts of town in our area. Pulled the shirt up too

Good times mane.

Strength comes in handy sometimes:



How did she ever become a thing?

Somebody needs to be held responsible for her.


That’s alright man, Mark Chapman took care of him


Too soon

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I saw a guy wearing this


I’m very cold intolerant, but that is just overkill

You’re almost in the tropics, aren’t you?

I see people in Florida wearing parkas if the temp is forecast to be below 60F