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Things That Make You Chuckle


A few months ago…

Me: I need to step up my game, hit the gym 6 days per week, instead of the 2-4 that i usually have been doing

Also Me: Dude, I’m in, ready to make that change

Me: need to incorporate some static holds, pause presses and less time between reps/sets

Also Me: Yep, totally in, ready to make the committment

Me: Got to stop drinking during the week, no alcohol whatsoever -

Also Me: YES!! so ready to get into this new way of life

Me: Need to incorporate some cardio, set some real goals for the stationary bike and maybe some walk/runs in the evening

Also Me: What?

Me: Gotta start taking my lunch to work, watch my macros and quit eating out every day

Also Me: Sorry - that i can’t make happen - Look a puppy!!

Me: FML…


Would we be wrong if we did?


Planned Parenthood going 2pac/biggie over Kavanaugh with rhyming death threats and all. I’m sure the senators are real scared.

PP might find that people who’ve been born actually fight back.

Maybe they’re behind the ricin mailings… political discourse man.


Kid in a v6 mustang completely bouncing off the rev limiter and clutch dumping me at a light while I am sitting in my Hellcat with slicks and well over 900 HP to the rear wheels.


Challenger or Charger?


Challenger :sunglasses:


I knew you couldn’t fit in the charger.


Hahaha funny enough I’m actually probably about to buy a charger Hellcat by the end of the year for a daily driver. The challenger is getting to the point of mods that daily isn’t practical really.


Slicks+900rwhp+rainy day = a very careful application of the accelerator, if you want to survive.


I don’t always run slicks. Have 3 different tire setups on their own rims for it. Depends on the time of year and weather.

Have 1300ID injectors, upper and lower pulley, porter blower and throttle body, pinned crank, full performance custom exhaust, one piece drive shaft. About to e85 probably and go 1700 ID injectors.


Is it an automatic or manual? With that kind of power I don’t know how you’d keep up with the changes, (or hell, maybe you just use the torque to start in 3rd gear or something). Also, damn, that poor transmission whichever it is! I’m sure it’s pretty beefy being built for Hellcat power, but still.


It’s an auto with a cracked trans for tuning.

The A8 is just so much quicker. My tuner says the Hellcat drive train is rated for 2K HP reliably and I’ve had zero issues. I mostly do things from a roll.


Never knew you were a rev head, that’s a nice ride you have
As a former LV mechanical engineer I appreciate the SRT. Personally more of a GM fan, however SRT have really developed their V8 line really well (with help of us Aussies aswell :wink:)

We are getting the hellcat out here at the start of next year as a L4L replacement to our Holden brand as it ceased production last year, Ford have kinda had a stranglehold but nothing beats the LSA IMO.
A good friend of mine took a 16’ HC for a test drive a few weeks ago and got it filmed, nothing beats the sound of a supercharged v8


Nothing beats the sound of an opened up modified V8 with no cats and a performance exhaust :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah I have been a rev head for awhile just never talked about it much. Worked on old cars with my dad for years when I was younger. Old school muscle cars, which is why the challenger was so appealing to me.

I came close to buying a demon, but my car demolishes demons so :man_shrugging:t2:.








This video used to absolutely crack me up when I was like 13, i still find it funny tho, it’s a parody of the devil went to Georgia.



YeAh BuT hE iS tHe wOrLdS sTrOnGeSt BoDyBuiLdEr!!