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Things That Make You Chuckle

It do how it do because it be what it be

For real I’m not entirely sure what you don’t like about it

How do you want it to work? By using a combination of paste special and absolute formula references, you can achieve any implementation of copy/paste that I could imagine.

I find the default implementation is the one that I usually want when I am using formulas to manipulate and analyze large datasets, which is mostly what I do in excel. I’m not an excel expert by any stretch, though. Just someone who can do some useful things with it and can google how to do some other useful things.

This is me. Most people I work with think I’m an expert. I just tell them my google-fu is strong.

I’ve also written some python scripts to automate some report construction stuff - people think I’m an expert, but, again, I’m mostly ripped code from StackExchange so…

Precisely. A Macabacus plug-in, some basic VBA, and there’s almost nothing you can’t do. I love Excel.

Pretty much … and the average user will look at you like you were performing magic

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It’s even better when you can sink it to Matlab and run really impressive stuff. I floored one of my old teams by connecting the two programs

I passed my intro Matlab class in college by using excel almost exclusively and fudging the readouts in adobe.


I work with a guy who is very averse to using computers. He will take something in excel, print it out, mark up stuff by hand and scan it to someone instead of just doing it all with excel and email.

I’m starting to get enough grey hair coverage to act like an insufferable Luddite at work too. I should start hand-writing memos and faxing them to my coworkers as my new go-to communication tool.

Two can play at this game, after all.


bruh, I have a guy who does this too - he has giant prinouts that run the length of his office … it’s pretty ridiculous … like, dude, just take a 6 hour seminar and you won’t have to tap dance around your office like you were Gregory Hines bud

I would like it to behave like every other program’s cut and paste (other than changing references, that’s cool)

For example, there are times when I copy/cut, do something like edit a cell, go to paste and the copy/cut is gone. Or that ‘Enter’ pastes but pastes in a different way to ctrl-v.

You guys may not notice it but I used excel before copy/paste behaved like this and I’m still not over it lol

Oh, your complaint is that if you copy something it is basically only available to paste if you try to paste it as the very next thing and not if you try to make an intermediate move? I agree with that completely. No idea why excel feels like if I copy something and then don’t paste it right away that clearly I didn’t want to copy it.

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That’s my wife’s ring tone for our 18 year old. Gets in my head and drives me crazy

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Best response to all those crap-posting about Bezos that I have seen

Note do not turn this to PWI. I just found this funny.


Looong before “Baby Shark”. :rofl:


Must be the Crestview FL Hooters

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Those poor girls worked their asses off!