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Things That Make You Chuckle

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wtf did I just watch…

I didn’t like it. I didn’t feel safe watching.

Edit: emotionally, that is.

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Sometimes it’s the little things.



Yes, it is a simplistic take but investing in art then shenanigans before writing it off as a loss is a classic tax reduction tactic.

I’ve had a couple trips that would make me want to be picked up, held, and petted.

Also, I’m wondering how it’ll affect my thoughts on my Goose-sized polar bear/polar bear-sized goose if they’re tripping on shrooms.

I’ve had a couple of those too.

I would totally chill with a shroomin goose sized polar bear.

Imagining a Pitbull having a bad trip and then imagining that Pitbull was a bear… No thanks

Here’s how I imagine it.


Except instead of a tiger it’s a polar bear.

Speaking as some-one who may or may not have spent the week before last taking mushrooms in a field while glamping out in Norfolk, I’m loving that Calvin & Hobbes!.

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This also opens up a new front in the goose-sized polar bear or polar bear-sized goose debate.

Fully grown male polar bear is a little over 1,000 lbs whereas I’m a little over 200. I’d definitely rather fight 5 of me than 1 actual polar bear.

So cute…

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Way back when, my cat did that pretty regularly. She really seemed to like it. :+1:

Seems this place was renamed to Fugging

Disappointing result for the world community

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Yes, as a result of irritating teenage tourists.

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