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Things That Make You Chuckle


Now you’ve gone and done it

All I can picture now is the nurses who have sent in 10 crappy nurses to tire the behomth out, and the other 90 nurses are using the limbs from the deceased nurses as weapons
Damn I miss that thread



I made a thing, inspired by my annoyance at the “fat shaming” buzzword. The phrase is starting to piss me off but the meme made me chuckle, so I tossed it in this thread.


Would like to hear you thoughts on why the phrase is starting to piss you off tbh …


I think the solution is clear. Instead of saying “You’re a fat ass” we need to ask “Why are you a fat ass”.


Currently on the phone with like 500 people (it seems like anyway) and all I can hear/think about is the Charlie Brown teacher…


Whenever I’m on a call with a lot of people I think of a CNN panel show … everyone talking over each other and I’m all over here like “Why don’t we just blow it all up and call it a day?”


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You guys ever on a conference call where one a-hole calls from his car or is walking outside and won’t mute his MF’n phone? Then the guy running the call asks everyone to mute their phone 50 times… ugh.


Ha! No, can’t say I’ve seen that. We usually have a bunch of asshats typing on their keyboard without muting their phone. Plus, a lot of my calls are to Manhattan and you can hear NY traffic half the time (there’s always a siren at least once).


At one point we were using a software that would play elevator type music if you’d turn on mute using the software rather than your phone itself. We’d always lose about 10 minutes per conference call trying to find out who was causing the background music to play.


We have big teleconference meetings … all hands on deck type of things where the director of VP of our department runs it … so there’s about 2-300 people in person and calling in from various sites across the country.

Every damn time, some dum-dum who calls in doesn’t mute their phone and everyone can hear their conversations … so far innocuous stuff


It’s more about simple overuse and misinterpretation than it is anything to do with being PC. The term a synonym for legit bullying (for lack of a better term), but it’s not a phrase that’s interchangeable with “harsh truth”.

It’s not fat shaming when a doctor tells their patient “obesity increases risk of death”. It is when a guy changes his chubby girlfriend’s ringtone to a pig’s squeal.

In the fitness world, it really is just getting that buzzword feel to it. Like “functional training” did/does. Someone uses the term, then re-defines it or changes context to suit whatever point they actually want to rant about.

The other day, I saw a guy’s tirade on Twitter complaining about trainers who “fat shame” clients. Turns out he was actually talking about coaches who use a more stern approach than he, personally, uses with clients. Nothing that’s actually about legitimate fat shaming.



so, tell me… is this wrong?


Yes, because Coke Zero is better than Diet Coke.


And Cherry Coke Zero is better than Cherry Cocaine Zero


Are you calling me an asshole?


Are you that a hole eating chips on a conference call? Yelling at your dogs? Getting out of the car so we can hear “ding… ding… ding…”?

If so then yeah.

We had a boss schedule a call at 4pm on a Friday and then we had to listen to him greeting his wife and kids, cause he was allowed to call in from his cell and everyone else had to be at work. This guy was real confused why his whole team hated him haha.


I drive a diesel truck and conduct a conference call every week while driving. I talk waaaay too much to try and mute constantly.

It’s the job, man. I constantly am on conference calls or driving to meetings and don’t have availability to sit in an office for a call.



You don’t strike me as the clueless type who plays the radio or goes through drive through while this is happening. I can imagine a “yeah fuck you too!” as you scream at a motorist who just cut you off.

Been looking at diesel pickups. Really like the duramax, but I want a standard. So stuck with Cummins I guess.


Duramax >Cummins

just for reference~