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Things That Make You Chuckle


Avatar The Last Airbender is a cartoon based in a land that isn’t real. It’s actually a really good cartoon. I guess they’ve decided to make a live-action series on Netflix (cool, I’ll watch it). The creators (two white dues as far as I can tell) came out with this non-whitewashed political bullshit. It just makes me chuckle. People are so ridiculous. Just make the damn show.

Here’s the map:



They’re Air nomads iirc that I guess are shaolin-ish.

That could use a cast 100% from Kenya for all I care.


That’s racist against Namibians…you sunuvabitch



they make me chuckle.

dont know why…


Wife needs to take her mother to hospital (non emergency). So I had to get the kids.

By the end of the day, I’ve forgotten the pickup time. So call the wife asking what time I need to get the kids.

She construes this as me trying to weasel out of it. Delivers a rant about how I don’t care about her mother. After 10 minutes or so, I give up trying to explain that I just need to know what time I need to be there.

Pick up the kids, go to the store. 6 pack of beer and ice cream.

As I drive home, I consider the correlation between the size of my waistline and my relationship with woman lol Not sure if this is more appropriate in a “things that make you cry” thread haha


Every time my wife does this I pull out this quote:

“Never attribute to malicious intent that which can be explained by incompetence.”


Haha! Me too. Although, I use busyness instead of incompetence.


I’m not proud of the fact I got a cheap laugh out of this, but I did:

I met a friend of mine for lunch today. She’s an intensive care nurse and she told me about a patient they had in ICU…

…who weighed 370kg. For those of you not metrically inclined, that’s a little over 800lbs.

So this dude is like documentary fat (he apparently had been on a documentary about super fat people). The really impressive thing was he was only 26!

He obviously wasn’t in the best of health, but their medical equipment just wasn’t touching the sides. Dialysis machine wouldn’t work as it couldn’t cope with the sheer size, and when they had to catheter him a regular catheter wouldn’t work so they had to contact the fucking zoo and borrow the catheter they use on polar bears!

Fucking polar bear catheter! Imagine that?



Permabulking… it’s real.


Talk about a cold bucket of water to the face, “Yeah, none of our equipment works, we’re gonna need vet supplies for your largest mammals…yes, we are a hospital…no, this is not a joke.”


So would a guy this size have the equivalent of an “innie”? I can’t even fathom how everything works down there at that size…


if that’s confusing you, it’ll really blow your mind when you hear he had 2 kids…


I’ll never understand humans and that proves that somewhere in the world there is a person willing to have sex with you—no matter how repulsive you might be.

What’s the appeal there???

“He’s a really good…uh…er…bean bag chair.”


HOW? … Seriously, if you can draw a diagram I’d appreciate it … I have a decent imagination, but I really can’t visualize this one … don’t spare any detail, I have a strong stomach …


Sperm donor?


…so I got banned from r/beer today

I’m starting to like this whole PC culture thing … a lot of soft targets


I would have liked some explanation on the procreation thing too, but the dude died.

Sorry that the anecdote didn’t have a happy ending, but, realistically, how could it have?


It’s a real shame he passed away

He must of had a lot on his plate


love it


You’re looking at this all wrong:

“Damn, not a walrus is it?”
“Is it… ummm…”
“Polar bear, it’s from a polar bear”
“Goose sized?”
“No, bear sized”
"Bear! That’s fucking awesome "