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Things That Make You Chuckle


Never too late when it comes from a quality person such as you Edgy


I just saw a man on a riding lawn mower where the deck is on the front of the mower. You know, the zero radius turning mowers. He had a push mower loaded on the front deck and a teenage boy standing on the back holding on to his shoulders. They were driving down a main street in the neighborhood.

If that doesn’t capture the essence of the hood then I don’t know what does :joy:


My parents did the same thing when I was around 2 or 3 months. Said if I made it off the mountain alive I could eat dinner. Havent seen them in 23 years, but I found a cabin that has wifi.


Heard there is a good doctor up that way who is great with kids
Even dresses up in clown cosplay to cheer them up


People who get mad when people aren’t nice to them. I find it a funny irony.

Eg. Today, I didn’t give way to a guy when I had right of way. He got pretty upset lol I don’t have to let you in, it’s just nice of me if I do.


Got into a discussion with an extended family dinner a couple of days ago, I was wearing some nike sandals, and as you can imagine, Kapaernick (sp?) came up, and she got into me a little, “Well are you gonna keep buying Nike gear? I think it’s BS how he did it…” just kinda went off, and I told her flat out, “I’m not a fan of Nike gear, anyway, but no I won’t be getting rid of shoes and/or clothes I’ve already paid for, doesn’t make much sense to me.” So she lit into me a little bit again, “Well you support Nike and him and it’s stupid, yada yada yada.” She’s pretty impulsive and opinionated, but we get along very well and I enjoy her as a family member and family friend, so I just laughed it off and let it slide, it’s whatever. Well we had them over for dinner and to watch some football last night, and in she walks, wearing her, “…but they’re so comfortable!” Nike sneakers, haha I got a good laugh about that, but refrained from asking her if she had brought them over to put them in our fire pit :joy:


Oh the responses would be endless:

“Well I tried to buy a Kaepernik Jersey to burn, but it turns out he doesn’t play anymore and he’s irrelevant.”


I never understood why Alex Smith lost his job to Kaepernick in the first place. It was clearly the line and the rest of the team doing the winning–not the quarterback.

Given my profession it’s probably not a secret which side I support. It’s sadly another topic that’s divided the country through ignorance. They keep shouting their facts that just aren’t facts. But they can’t be educated because that requires them to be open minded. (them and they refers to the supporters of Kaepernick and his "cause)

For the record, I too have kept my Nike and Converse products since I already paid for them. I understand trashing them because wearing them “supports” their brand, but I just don’t make enough money to throw out perfectly good things. I just won’t buy anything from this point forward.

I think Nike’s profits will decrease but I’m not sure they’ll care. “We went from making ____ billions to…… less billions.” Does it even matter when you’re talking about that many zeros?


When executive compensation is based on growth metrics, yes it does. They were banking on the majority of their customers being receptive to their SJW message. Which still might come to pass. Just because a few white people and cops got upset… how many pairs of expensive sneaks were they buying anyway?


Smith lost his starting job in the middle of the season due to an injury, and Kaepernik took over for him and took the 9ers all the way to the Super Bowl.

just for clarification…


I think it’s a lot of people - not just white.

I’m all for our freedoms but I can’t stand loud ignorance. LeBron has jumped on the “the police are bad” bandwagon but the dude is doing some seriously positive things in his community.

I might disagree with some of his statements but I appreciate and respect that he’s doing something to make things better.


I shower when I get to work so as not to wake up my wife so early in the morning with a bunch of racket, this means that I pack my clothes up the night before, wake up, head to work, shower, clock in, and so on and so forth. Well, today, I get to work, get done cleaning up and pull my clothes out of my bag and lo and behold, what do we have here, but a shirt that looks like mine…but is significantly smaller. My wife and I have the same shirt (albeit in different sizes, thank goodness) and hers had ended up in my dresser, threw it in my bag without checking the size, and long story short, I’m now wearing what is now damn near a belly shirt stretched to a gym-douche level across my arms, chest, and shoulders haha oh, boy! It’s gonna be one of those days.


No way I’d be able to get my wife’s shirt buttoned up…

… is the postman a small man? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, luckily it’s simply a wonderfully comfortable t-shirt and our postwoman dwarfs me haha now the milkman, on the other hand


I would imagine you’d see a dramatic drop in the number of Monarchs purchased but an increase in everything else.


Time will tell what percentage of Nike’s customer base is white conservatives.

I see a lot of Nike’s where I work which is a mostly black community, but I also deal with a lot of thieves. I’m not sure who is buying and who is stealing but it’s mind boggling how many pairs of Nike’s you can find in a home where no one has a job.

It’s also not a secret which stores won’t prosecute for theft so people get pretty bold about their stealing.


-When you see an extremely lifted truck stuck at an intersection because it can’t trigger the sensor.
-Except on Saturday when I was stuck behind it. Nice work bubba.


Gotta make sure we use a culturally appropriate non-whitewashed cast for a show based in a make believe world. Fucking ridiculous.


Aren’t they kind of shaolin-ish?

So a Chinese cast would work… unless that’s too white.


I’m too old to understand what is happening here. I’ll assume someone is offended or outraged and that I’m, directly or indirectly, the source of it.