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Things That Make You Chuckle


Things that should have no bearing on manhood but are marketed as such, latest (as I’ve been looking at baby related items) like this, the “Tactical, Mission Critical, Baby Carrier: Buy it, or you’ll prove you’ve been emasculated!” I get it, marketing matters, but for something that’s going to get puked on, shit on, and generally abused… I find it is worth a chuckle that I need to spend more to get the ‘manly’ version of my baby excrement catcher/holder.



I came across those when we were doing our research … They actually look pretty sturdy compared to other ones on the market … I liked the style and tried to convince my wife to get it so I can fit in when I wear him to the range…she didn’t bite


The price tag is absurd.


So, we inherited a pricey carrier from my sister (my wife looked it up … it goes for like $110) but we bought one for like $35 or something like that - they quite literally accomplish the same thing and, tbh, the little guy prefers the less expensive one…

Point of the story? My sister is garbage with her money.


Ya, we have a cheap one that both boys were in a whopping 3 times total…


My wife likes to use it when I’m not home. She’ll toss him in there and do chores and he tends to fall asleep.

I’ve put him in the one my sister gave us a couple times … each time it takes him a good while to calm down in it … but when he does he’s out…it’ll help when we go hiking and the like





@EyeDentist This gave me a chuckle:


It’s even worse for ophthalmologists. Is why I spray, bro.


Effective, but markedly less intimidating than fixing bayonets (which we did; no charge or anything like that, just looked fierce) but it certainly kept people at bay without us having to kill them.

Shields and stingers were not on our supply list.


I go to Chipotle 2-3x a month and order the exact same thing every single time and I pay a different amount pretty much every single time.


They are more worried about the bolts in their face and making sure you can see all their ink than they are about… ya know… their jobs.


Whatevs, it’s goooood.



Its always a good time when you get double meat and by the time it gets to the front it gets lost so you only pay for single meat.




Have given this exact look in this exact scenario before.


Was going floating with a buddy, had to stop by another guy’s house (I won’t say buddy, because he drives me nuts) and he proceeds to flip us shit about, “not being on time” he’s one of those guys that flips people shit non-stop, but doesn’t deal real well with it being given back to him and doesn’t really know when to call it quits on pushing a joke (which is why he drives me nuts). Well we are airing up the tubes and he’s giving me shit about my wife, ‘finally letting me off the leash.’ so I fired back at him that, “Easy there, dad bod, you just need to cool it and have another beer.” Well, he did not like that one bit, got a little fired up and defensive about his fine, fine physique, telling me that, “Once your twins come you’ll get a dad bod too, all that muscle will turn to fat.” Yep, that’s how it works, and you’ve had a dad bod for at least the two years prior to having your child that I knew you. It was mildly offensive and mildly entertaining, all at the same time.


Happened yesterday:

From 2011: