Things That Make You Chuckle

That is also proof that you can’t determine what’s in someone’s hand in a split second. Apply that to a shoot or no shoot scenario and it works the same way. The public just admitted that they thought a hair dryer was a radar gun. It’s too bad they don’t remember that sort of thing when an officer shoots someone who points a garden hose spigot at them like a gun.


Skinny dude I lift with saw this add for Duluth, sends it over and says “I didn’t know you modeled for novel covers”.

Oof. Sting in any rebuke is the truth. At least I don’t have a mullet.



Yeah, what is this? Like a side gig or something?

You look drunk. Were you drunk when you posed?

Also, nice bulk belly! Looking to put on some muscle, are you?

Somebody get me this woman’s number, I want to know if these hair dryer speed things have an app for the Blockchain.

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Which begs the question, should a cop shoot without being SURE his/her life is in danger? Another topic for another thread though. This one is for the chuckles.

Like the woman I overheard this weekend asking why lake Tahoe was freshwater if it was a part of the Pacific ocean. Once told it was a lake, she asked if there were sharks. Smh.

I would have them fill in a form which assesses their anxiety levels followed by another form which assesses their level of confidence that they are going to die.

Once they have copied it in triplicate and had the subject sign the form and got supervisor approval then they can shoot.

Cops carry tablets nowadays, should be a quick process to get all the necessary signatures so they can begin firing.

Why did she think Tahoe was part of the Pacific ocean?

Probably for the same reason people think the great lakes are salty oceans. Stuid people are stupid.

Made for lots of funny shark sightings that afternoon while out SUPing

You from that area or just up for a visit?

Down there babysitting my 2yr old niece while my sister and BIL went to a wedding.

Def not a local, but I know Tahoe well.

Vaping = public health crisis = ban
Obesity = positive body image = fast food joint every 17 feet. Way to focus on the big stuff, Cuntomo.


Lmao. New York gets $4.35 in tax per pack of cigarettes. Can’t have those sales slipping. “Public health crisis” indeed.

Anyone know how much cash Phillip Morris gives to NY Dems? I’ll bet a pack of smokes that number went up recently. Maybe through PACS to give them cover.

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They will literally kill you if you avoid those taxes


You want to run an underage prostitution ring? No problem. Hell a NYPD officer will retire and run it for you if you ask nicely enough.

Sell untaxed cigs? We’ll strangle you to death on the sidewalk.


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I heard about a guy in Kansas City who is suing Juul because he didn’t know their product was addictive. He now has respiratory problems…

I hope the judge throws it out with the simple explanation of “intentionally inhaling anything other than air is hazardous to your health and that’s on you”.

Not exactly how that went down…

They teach us in CPR that if a person is making a noise then their airway is open. So, saying “I can’t breathe” isn’t actually an accurate statement.

I’m pretty sure he died of positional asphyxiation which is still on the people present. We’re taught to roll big people onto their side and get them upright. If they lie on their stomach then their own body weight can cut off their air supply.

So, I guess to be completely accurate… he died because he was obese.


Who says civilians can’t buy tanks? Your move progressives

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