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Things That Make You Chuckle


Seems like a lot of negativity and stress all around nowadays. I kinda feel like sometimes an honest chuckle can be a more pure mood adjustment than a full-blown gut-busting laugh.

Feel free to share the stuff that brightens your day, perks up your mood, and gives you a genuine “hehe”, not necessarily a ROFLMFAO.

I’m a sucker for a shaggy dog story.

I can also be a word nerd and enjoy a good grammar joke, pun, or legit (non-Photoshopped) public mistake.


Everyone’s on edge because of the T-ransformation 2018!


To be fair, my progress so far makes me chuckle.






Also, it hasn’t happened yet of course, but if they just never made the final season of Game of Thrones I would think that was hilarious.




Guillermo clips .
That guy cracks me up


Things that make me do a slow clap…

Thanks so much for closing that @$#$%%@@ “Betrayal” thread, got sick of it constantly popping up on the updated threads; I have absolutely no idea why people post in shit show threads like that, it’s not like there’s anything in there to make one chuckle.


When you’re bored, fucking with ol zeppy is pretty entertaining.


@ He Man. Lol. That’s a TN classic. It’s been awhile! Still very, very funny.


Oh, no! A new Zep thread has appeared!!!


Burh, that’s like your past time … lol


Christmas came early!


Erhmeghad … ::shuffles off in search::




I know this is old but it still cracks me up.