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Things That Drive Me Crazy About This Site


Ok...this isn't just about this site. This is about any bodybuilding/fitness site that has a forum. I try not to get sucked in too much to them. But, since Biotest is definitely today's leader in training and supplement science, I really couldn't help myself. There are common things that go on in forums that just drive me nuts. And I know I'm not the only one. Here, in no particular order, is what gets my panties in a bunch:

  1. People Spending More Time On Forums Then They Do In The Gym. WTF!!! I see too many of the same names popping up all the time. When the hell do you have time to train? When do you have time to prepare your meals? When do you work so you can make money to afford all of the supplements you rant about?

There is a definite class of "All Theory, No Practice." I know they "THINK" they practice what they preach. But they have nothing to show for it. Word of advice. Get out from behind the computer. Stop over thinking things. And go for a little blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe a little chalk) within the Iron Temples.

  1. People Slamming Theories Because They Don't Fit Their Own Way Of Thinking Or Training. This is an ever evolving endeavor we are into. I have been in this game for a good 20 plus years in some way, shape, or form. Things have changed many times. Many theories of lifting, eating, supplementing, etc. have evolved. Some don't stick around. Some are ground breaking.

The bottom line is that there has been a definite advancement in this field. The drug free athletes of today are as big (if not bigger) and strong (if not stronger) than the early era steroid/PED user. And the users of today can be just downright freaky. We learn through trial and error. We know some things as fact. We speculate others. We try some new things. And get excited about advancement.

It's a lot of trial and error. And there is more than one way to skin a cat. Why get so pissed off and claim something is "bullshit?" Especially if you haven't tried it yourself. Whether something is ground breaking or not...everything (in some way, shape, or form) helps us learn and advance.

  1. People Slamming A Website That Is Hosted By A Supplement Company For Pushing Their Supplements. I understand that the supplement industry has been FILLED with bullshit. I understand that there has been a lot of hype for nothing. And I understand that there are people that feel they have been ripped off. I felt all of that personally.

But I also know that Met-Rx was a true breakthrough for people in getting proper meal frequency with quality ingredients. I know that creatine revolutionized modern supplements as we know it. I know that properly fractionized whey protein is a bodybuilders best friend. These are all courteous of the supplement industry. This site is filled with a lot of information. And...oh yeah...it is hosted by a supplement company.

I see too many people want everything for free. And if they feel something is just hype they go nuts...again, without trying it themself. Or they just flat out can't afford it, so they slam it to make them feel better about not being able to partake. Whatever the case, they keep coming back for the free shit but HATE when there is an article pumping a supplement...again, from a supplement company that hosts the damn site.

Heaven for bid there be they try to make a profit. Gosh darn Capitalism!!!! (That was sarcasm for those that missed it). One thing is for sure...shitty supplements don't stick around too long. The public stops buying and they go by the waistside. So instead of getting your feathers all ruffled without trying something. Sit back. Relax. Wait. It will all work out. Whether the supplement is the next creatine or the next myostatin blocker.

  1. People Knocking Other People In Forum. Now...I understand that I am doing a lot of knocking myself right now. But it's nothing personal. I haven't pointed anyone out. But I have seen too many times people just flat out being a dick. Whether it's basically calling someone a p*ssy, telling them they suck...whatever the case.

I understand that feuds on these forums are all too common (and reasons #2 and #3 above cause many of them). But seriously...why? Why get nasty. Does it make someone feel more powerful to break another person down? If so...then they are the weak ones.

It seems too many people are "experts" on these forums. It's easy to sit behind a computer and blast others (as I just did). I find it pointless and disruptive. This should be a positive thing we take part in. And, with that, these sites should remain positive.

I am sure I have pissed someone off in the process. It's obviously inevitable. But I know there are way more of you out there that agree with me.

I could go on and on. But I have to go get mentally ready to train. Thank you for letting me vent!


Im sure most people post from their phones and if not they are at work when they post here. They might even be taking a break from studying? Posting does not require a huge time commitment man.

Its like sending a text really.

People slamming each other? Man, this site is so mild compared to when I joined in 08.

nothing else to say




Hey OP, you want some cheese with that whine?


I like your avatar.


I like YOUR Avatar.

in regards to the OP? Fuck off~



Way to represent the class of '08. Good goin', bro.



Not to mention how many companies these days actually have internet access AND allow employees to use it.

Maybe the OP didn't know this.


Meh...I post from my phone between breaks from coaching, modelling or fucking.

And I like your avatar.

And as for the rest of your story...

Very cool.


I lol'd


OP doesnt have a job and is projecting his uselessness onto us.


OP, I'd never expect anyone who looks as good as you do in your avatar to be such a whiner.

Just go lift and stop worrying about all us troublemakers over here.


You do realize that training and eating does not actually take much time right?

Let's break it down:

If I trained for 2 hours per day, ate 6 meals at 10 minutes per meal and worked an 8 hour job, I would still have 4 hours left to post on this site every day. That's not including the people who post from work.


Yeah...that thing about "Stop posting and get to the gym!" is old and busted.

If I accomplished what I set out to do at the gym today is it all negated because I may have (but usually don't anyway) spent more time on this site than I did at the gym?

Same with in the Squat Rack Curls thread when someone says "Why don't you spend more time worrying about your own workout than what someone else is doing???"

You think we're so stupid that we can't turn around after a set of squats, see some guy with a belt, straps and elbow sleeves screaming while he does 20lb DB curls and instantly recogonize that that's fucked up and then 3 minutes or so later do my next set???


I really couldn't pretend to give a shit about this post. I read a couple lines, my eyes started bleeding and all I heard was crying in the background, so I stopped....fuck off dude.


About the src thread.....

I think it sucks that people would rather laugh than help.

I don't think anyone who isn't winning shows or at least placing high in them has room to laugh...that goes for all other athletes,to me..if you aren't the best,you can't look down.


Well said, though theres nothing wrong with a chuckle at something truly ridiculous.


If someone's thinks I should keep my mind on my own workout...then going around telling people what to do, or 'helping' them would also be presumtuous.

If I'm not "the best" then I likely shouldn't offer them advice either.


i lurk this place like a mad man and besides the prof. x witch hunt and that cute lil nikki chick being run off the site things have been calm. i remember when the tcell was first created and people were being tribunaled every 5 mins and people were slinging mud back and forth it was crazy.