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Things That Dont Make You Look Hardcore


Have you seen the trailer for III that got dropped today? Looks to be even darker than season II


This is how I felt about Jessica Jones. The second season of Iron Fist was way better and the way they finished it has me excited about season three.

I like how the characters start appearing in the other series after season one.


I was about to post the exact same comment. It is one of the best investments that I have ever made. Thankfully my wife is understanding enough not to complain about me occupying our entire 2-car garage.


She complained at first since we had a commercial gym 1 more from the house. 2 months later she canceled her membership and we now affectionately refer to our garage gym simply as “The Dungeon”. Never the gym.


Love my home gym. I don’t think I could go back to a commercial gym.


As I’ve told before, when I used to go to the Mecca, Bev Francis’s Powerhouse, where every pro eventually visits, I used to workout on Saturday afternoons, and by coincidence, practically every time, I’d get stuck next to the same three shit-talking stooges. All I could hear were the typical New York-tough-guy statements for the duration of their conversation: “I told dis fuggin’ guy…,” “I cracked dis fuggin’ guy…,” “fuggin’ guy told me…,” “I beat da fuggin’ shit out of him,” etc., etc.

What made such talk particularly pathetic was that these are guys all appeared to middle-aged.

I am guilty of wearing leggings on freezing days because I don’t prefer sweaty and sagging sweat pants while I lift. They too can become annoying though because they are not as breathable as they seem.

UA gear is great! I’m wearing it now. :slight_smile:

What about talking on a freaking cellphone while lifting?!


Happened today, newcomer in the gym, weighing in at something like 135lbs wet. Clearly clueless on what to do, he did a non finite amount of crappy cable crosses with a whopping 55lbs per side.
On the last rep of every single set, he’d just let the handles go from the top position, with the plates slamming loudly on the stack.
He then proceded to superset with kipping pullups that actually amounted to, maybe, a two inches ROM since he spent the time just hanging there and convulsing like a Magikarp.
Between sets, he practiced his war face in the mirror psyching up for the next set.

First time in three years there that I’ve considered walking up to a guy and ask him to stop being a fucking moron.


One of the least expected parts of my stint as a local dive bar bouncer was the sheer number of middle-aged guys I tossed for fighting or trying to start fights, and the voluminous amounts of shit they’d talk throughout the entire process.

Swap your New Yorker accents with a drunk Mainer and there ya go. None of them could fight worth a damn, either. Just a bunch of black belts in running their mouths and world champions of peel-outs and engine-revving.


There is this middle aged man in my gym with these sweat pants that can be unbuttoned on the sides. Well they are unbuttoned from the knee to the upper thigh only to reveal his tribal tattoo…


I can see why some folk say that NY and Glasgow have a lot in common.

Namely the architecture, ability to make profanity sound beautiful along with complete arseholes, talking that hardman shit in gyms😂


Suits that are too tight, give it up twinks, it’s not a good look, invest in one that fits.