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Things That Dont Make You Look Hardcore


Immediately increasing the weight you are curling as soon as a pretty girl walks in just to struggle with one short set, face all red about to burst a blood vessel. Not cool bro, not cool.


So is shadowboxing between sets and doing bo staff drills

But more often than not, it’s done for attention and marketing.I’m not just talking about dudes or women who post between sets. I’m also talking about dudes and women who straight up take off their clothes in the gym to pose. Completely acceptable in a gym with a culture that emphasizes stage competition, but in a commercial gym it’s corny as hell.


Haven’t seen luke cage. Is it worth the watch? I really enjoyed daredevil 1&2, and punisher as well. Definitely the most bad ass comic book characters on screen.


Saw a new one recently, doing football drills/running routes on the entire length of 50x10 turf that everyone else is trying to use for warmups. Got severe case of the douche chills witnessing this go on for 15 minutes. Ironically he’s also a trainer at the gym, maybe trying to impress the feeble minded


I LOVED luke cage. the villains in that one are what really make it. so many great ones.


Getting in the squat rack or the bench next to me and giving me the bro stare while trying to pace me. This isn’t a race or a competition brodog, and you are going to lose.


I like all the Marvel shows, but Luke Cage was by far my least favorite. The acting was fine, cinematography great, writing great, casting great, and I definitely agree with you about the villains. But when it all comes down to it, he’s too much of a Superman. Nobody can fuck with him or hurt him. Out of the two super-strength characters, Jessica Jones is not only more badass, but her character has a depth that far exceeds Luke Cage’s.


my favourite thing about that show was the piano. A Fender Rhodes Mark II. Just a beautiful instrument.

Actually thought the show was pretty meh.


Daredevil’s been my favourite of the Marvel shows. Season II in particular was way darker and awesome (although the ending wasn’t fantastic).

The Punisher in DD season II was cool as fuck. The prison scene Punny mentioned was far too cool.


I’m guilty of just about everything in this list tbh but today I saw a guy being his own chains to Bench with, except they weren’t touching the ground with any links or anything… Just kind of hanging there. I guess I was more confused than anything as I thought the whole point was for accommodating resistance.


*bring his own


It usually is. I guess if they aren’t touching the floor it’s a bit like a chaos bench or whatever you call it when you hang kbs off the bar with bands.


I liked the original version better, it gave me an interesting visual of someone gymnastically trying to hang off a bar they were themselves lifting…


Never cared for Luke Cage or Jessica Jones, but like everyone else thought Daredevil I&II and Punisher were really good. Defenders and Iron Fist were both watchable, but meh.


I tried to watch Iron Fist because of the Defenders thing. It was awful, but I tried to persevere due to hot Asian chick and the Defenders thing. Couln’t make it past episode 6 I think. Iron Fist is easily the worst show that I’ve ever seen of this genre.

@dt79 Try watching Iron Fist on Netflix, you might like it because it’s so bad LOL.


You spelled Hippie Batman wrong.

Honestly it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, Finn Jones totally sucks. Maybe it’s because he’s British and just can’t simultaneously act and put on an accent, but I liked Ward and made my way through season one. I can honestly say I enjoyed it more than Luke Cage, but that’s not really a defensible stance because it’s all around a worse show. Who knows.


Iron Fist is bullshit and they look like they got some random nerd to play superhero.


How do you make a passifist-hippy super hero entertaining? You can only add so many hot chicks.


Maybe cast somebody who’s actually built like a superhero.


This thread really makes me happy for building a garage gym 2 years ago.