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Things That Dont Make You Look Hardcore


Did you ever see the new ghostbusters?


I dare all of you to watch Neil Breen’s Double Down in it’s entirety.


Agree. This is a very annoying aspect of going to a gay bar/club but not sure if it counts as hardcore wannabe.


LOL … depends on the amount of leather and studded collars


That stuff doesn’t bother me much, but those “Boy Toy” hats kind of get on my nerves.


Best quote ever, and literally my favorite thing to do.


I liked the Punisher series. Is he in both Daredevil seasons, or can I just watch one of them?


Just the second season. Well worth the watch as a fan.


That’s a brown bag special right there at local supplement stores. Million dollar idea.


I would say any movie with either Jamie Kennedy, Tom Green or Dane Cook should automatically be in the running for worst movie. Rob Schneider and Pauly Shore too, for movies they star in… They can appear in a movie and not totally ruin it if there are others to carry it.


I’m not gonna sit on a high horse and say I don’t judge people. I definitely do. I think it just comes down to this. There are two types of people at the gym. Those who want to work out, and those who want to be seen working out. Be the former.


I train at a small PL gym with a tight night community, so I don’t see people actin fools

I def hate when people act like they can’t lift to upbeat hip hop or R&B because they only need “hardcore” rock music. Also hate when people act like wearing straps is somehow lame. I’ve seen it online, but people think wearing belts, sleeves, etc is weak, as if sleeves add 100+ lbs to your squat.

Moreso in my old gym, but posing in bikini or posing trunks in the studio doesn’t make anyone hardcore or official.

Also hated people shadowboxing between sets, and worst is when they do bo staff drills with the PVC. Martial arts look lame as hell when trained alone in a commercial gym. I respect groups of people who train martial arts together though because its usually more organized.


This was like a 250lb guy lifting 415, I highly doubt he was a strongman or competitive athlete of any kind. Secondly if dropping the bar there’s mats on can drop the bar on to minimise the noise. But that is interesting so thanks for sharing


Isn’t this just practice for their sport though?


Yeah one of the guy I train with started competing and he’s not great at posing so he just poses a lot between sets


I despise shirts like this (and most “hardcore” fitness-related t shirts). Either your physique says it for you, or you shouldn’t be saying it at all.

On that note, I’d like to see a thread where we post “cool” t shirt designs and make fun of them. Kinda like Mystery Science Theater, but for dumb slogans people think would be cool to wear around all day.


I’m all in on this thread if it happens haha


Not directed towards me, but my goodness. Only thing I liked was towards the end what they mentioned Zuul. For like a second.


Started the thread… sounds like fun. Tagged you and @Despade in it.


I use to work at a supplement store and those are the shirts we’d give out for free and they’d usually be plastered with some sort of company logo on them as well. I’d always take a bunch when new ones came in. I and I’m assuming the people I see wearing them are doing it because we’re cheap and I’d rather wear a shirt with something lame on it than pay for one.

That being said I did buy two of the brosciencelife shirts. One says “don’t spot me watch me” and the other says “get cut get butt”. I also own a sweater that says “I’m not strong for a girl I’m just strong” and yes I am a male. I think that makes me more of a douche than wannabe hardcore lifter