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Things That Dont Make You Look Hardcore


Hey in my defence I don’t have a license yet


You train at the same gym as Pete?


Being incredibly strong and doing silly things are not mutually exclusive.


LOL nahh just watch his vids.If i trained in his current gym i would have to be a pretty strong guy.


Wearing a hat isnt silly. Perhaps someone feels more comfortable and confident while doing thing what you consider silly.


Indoors or in hot weather, we will have to agree to disagree. We’re talking about winter hats right? That was the point…


I think flat billed hats were mentioned too. That seems to go along with the Affliction shirts.

Long shorts or pants, Affliction t-shirt or t-back tank top, basketball high tops untied, the flat bill cap worn backwards, and the gallon jug of water.

There’s your hard core wannabe starter pack.


Leg press, too many plates, 2" of ROM with bonus points for chalk.


Yeah I’m usually too busy admiring the beautiful things in life during my rest times to bother. Like my reflection in the mirror and girls in yoga pants.


where you are, your complaint is probably valid. I train in Texas, in a gym with no AC. and there are no water fountains. So yea, a giant water bottle makes sense for us. I don’t go through a full gallon while training, but 2-3 liters is standard for me.

this was the funniest damn thing I used to see when I lifted at commercial gyms. I haven’t seen it once since I’ve been training at a Metroflex. TBH… I kinda miss it. Also haven’t seen an oxygen deprivation mask since my commercial gym days.

I remember seeing Elliot Hulse talk about why he used to drop his deadlifts after every rep years ago. He was trying to get stronger while avoiding excessive leg hypertrophy, for strongman purposes. Basically to try to stay in a particular weight class. Not a terrible reason. The guy at your gym mostl likely didn’t have the same reason. But I thought I’d share that.

I was gonna say something similar. Brandon Franklin has videos squatting like 800 with a flat brimmed hat, giant beats headphones, and a tooth pick. I’ve seen a lot of super high level lifters who like the flat hats. I don’t hate it.

obviously you weren’t asking me, but I have a lot of strong friends who live near him/ train at the same gym as him regularly. Same friends all knew Dallas McCarver before he died. For some reason there are a lot of strong fuckers in Tennessee.

I’ve been training at an actual hardcore gym for awhile now, so I never get to see the stuff y’all are complaining about anymore, aside from the handful of guys who get inordinately psyched up for lifts every training session. But even that doesn’t really bother me. It’s fun.


Yeah, I was more wanting to make the distinction between “I’ve seen Pete doing this in the gym” vs “I’ve seen a video of Pete doing this at A gym”


I’ve seen the punisher shooting lots of bad guys in the face.

just kidding. I’m watching the punisher on netflix. you seen it yet? It’s pretty great.


I don’t get this… I’ve worn a flat billed hat since I was a kid. I literally always wear one. I also played baseball my whole life, so baseball hats are comfortable.


I did. I honestly liked him better in the DareDevil series as the Punisher, as I felt he played the character better there and it was a little more his speed, but I’m still happy to see the series gaining traction. Excited to see what they do for the next one.


What bugs me is when I see guys squatting while only wearing Ass less chaps…


yea so actually that’s the series I’m watching now. I fucked up and got everything out of order. so, i started with nick cage. watched all of that. then watched the punisher. now i’m almost done with season 2 of daredevil. totally agree, the daredevil storyline for him is kick-ass. the episode I finished last night was him leaving jail.

EDIT: HAHAHAHAA I said Nick Cage. Luke Cage is what I watched.

Maybe I’ll just watch Ghostrider tonight to get my Nick Cage fill.


The whole time with the Punisher in prison for DareDevil was amazing. They’ve done that plot in the comics a bunch of times, and it’s always a good show. Also dug the introduction to the character with him in the pawn shop. Just the look he gives as he just about to walk out the door and now realizes what he has to do to the shop owner sold it, haha.


The second worst movie of all time.


What’s the worst? The sequel? I don’t know, I’ve seen a lot of movies worse than the first Ghost Rider. Not many worse than the sequel, though.


Son of The Mask.