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Things That Dont Make You Look Hardcore



Inappropriate use of winter hats (indoors, July, etc).

I haven’t been in a gym in several years, not sure if people still are pulling beanies almost over their eyes anymore, but damn that was strange.

And man, I love ILS guys so much, one recently left work recently, it was a sad day. The guy damn near needed elbow pads to walk through doorways.


Appropriately British example.


I used to love the BSN boys!

At my current home gym, there is this asshat who works out shoeless, shirtless and in his compression shorts. If I wasn’t him, then I’d see his ass through the thin shorts every time he squats.


Sounds like your’e at my gym, I’ve seen the oxygen mask being used when benching as well which baffles me and sadly I may have been compression sleeve guy, but in my defense I used it just for some extra support towards the tail end of rehabbing from a detached bicep tendon


Unless I missed it, how did no one mention the worst offenders… hoodies with cut-off sleeves!


-Pacing around your bench/squat rack/workout area aggressively while also breathing loudly and aggresively.
-Wrapping your knees for a 225lb squat (Sees individual wrapping knees, “Oh shit, we’re bout to see some weight!” I say to myself. He grunts loudly and unracks 225, does 3 reps, racks it, unwraps knees. I sit back, defeated.)

Honorable Mention/Worth a Chuckle:
Seeing above individual (same guy) check to make sure that the good looking female lifters are noticing him with every set, if not…volume gets bumped.


Lmao, all the women in my gym are serious oly lifters or serious bodybuilders. That’d need to be over 200kg on that bar, or the quads better belong to a mutant.


Its hard to look hard core in front of a girl that is front squatting->pressing 50k lightning fast like she’s setting a volleyball.


Correct. Hence why it’s a low flirting gym.


Guys who buy 500 dollars in supplement stores monthly but can’t splurge 10 bucks for a 1 gallon jug and use a milk jug instead. Sorry it’s cliche.

  • People (usually angry 50-year-old has-been men) who wear tank tops with shoelace-thin straps and armholes that drop to the waist.

  • As @Despade mentioned, guys whose rest between sets involves stomping around a piece of equipment while hyperventilating and glaring at everyone as if they’re the lone survivors after a battle in enemy territory. C’mon guys, get a grip. You aren’t “doing battle with the iron.” The gym is not a war zone. It’s a safe, climate-controlled building that requires a paid membership to enter.


There are some actions in this thread that are definitely not hardcore, but I’ll just say that the least hardcore thing ever is spending more time judging people in your gym than lifting the weights.


Being dropped off and picked up by your mother/father


Ummm, I rest for 60 seconds between sets. I have plenty of time to judge others.

Hardcore wannabes… Let me think… It has to be that guy who wears sunglasses at my gym. He wears cut off shirts and pants and sets up circuits on the bench. He never picks up his weights. Last time I saw him I learned he’d been suspended for not racking his weights. He didn’t rack his weights that day either. That’s probably why I haven’t seen him lately.


Damn straight. I’ve also got plenty of bandwidth to observe and judge other people when I’m doing band work on my shoulders.

As much as I love lifting at my neighborhood commercial gym, I’ve come to realize that the only place I can find a greater collection of fragile egos is at my neighborhood bar. Luckily you can also meet some fantastic humans in those places too.

In case anyone isn’t clear on what doing hardcore wrong looks like, please take 10 seconds out of your day to observe.


Yeah…if that guy actually had muscular dystrophy that would be beyond impressive, but he doesn’t. I used to work with muscular dystrophy clients at a PT clinic and they struggled to walk, catch a tennis ball, or even breathe.


Hey! Not all 50-year-old has-beens do this, I wear regular t-shirts. I’m not usually angry though, maybe that’s the difference.


Right! There are plenty of middle-aged men who don’t live in their bygone youths and wear barely-there shirts to recapture the Phantom of Physiques Past.


Ive seen pete rubish wearing a hat in the gym while deadlifting like 700+.