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Things That Dont Make You Look Hardcore

I actually do this when I use chalk. Not because I think it makes me look badass; I just like to make a fun little chalk cloud.


Forget the gallon jugs of water, a few guys in my gym have been carrying thermoses that look to be for a young children’s soccer team practice.



Obviously you aren’t old enough!

Lifting gloves- I mean I know not everyone wants to develop nature’s lifting gloves, but they’re part of the same leggings under shorts and tiny Under Armor shirt uniform.

Flat bill hats- I hate these in the first place, but the gym is not a fashion show. Plus… you have to remember if you’re doing squats or military presses so you can make sure that the bill is flipped the right way.

Extreme deadlift setup (1 minute of growling/pep talk/shouting)- I think that says it all… we know you have daddy issues and even if you rep that 315, he’s still not impressed.

Leaning on a piece of equipment while bro-ing it up- get out of the fucking way. It’s always on one of the three pieces of equipment I actually use.

Eye-fucking yourself in the mirror while doing dumbbell curls- if only someone was paying as much attention to you as you are.


I’ve been seeing this pattern where there will be one guy. Taking a hell of a long break, his buddy shows up, they start working in together. Then they just sit there until another 4 or 5 of their little posse shows up, so they all can talk and work in together. Making the already limited amount of squat racks unusable for 3 hours at a time.

I turn into the worlds biggest snitch, or I just quit thinking about my manners and Bring out the death stare until they all know there’s a 5 foot, irritated, lady thinking about throwing tear gas in their general direction if they don’t hurry up.

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Yes. I posted about this a while ago but there is this girl in my gym who is always loudly talking about powerlifting technique and making a scene every time she’s there who set up on bench one day with 135, gave a loud roar, unracked it with the ultimate confidence, and got BURIED under it and had to roll it over her chest and all the way down to her hips to get out from under it. Pure poetic justice.


I don’t think I’ve ever put a gallon of water in the fridge. I always drink them room temp and prefer it that way. If you want to stand around the water fountain (which is normally hotter than room temp in my experience at gyms) then be my guest, but I prefer to have something next to me that’s mine.



  • asshats who play their music out loud in the gym
  • guys who lift weights (sometimes light, sometimes heavy) then lift the weights up OVER their head and drop them as loud as possible.
  • guys who do cable crossovers, then purposely let go of the cables mid rep making a loud smashing sound when the weights in the machine come into contact with the other brick things that haven’t been lifted.
  • Putting a lot of weight on a smith machine (which is fine), but then putting CLIPS on the smith machine, wtf…

I’m not well versed on deadlift strength standards, but is repping 315 considered strong? I thought that was fairly average for a trained lifter.

What’s wrong with this, I’ll do a 1RM on a smith machine if I feel like trying to hit a 1RM, I have no one to spot me therefore I feel as if the smith machine is safer.

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Not at all. That’s kind of the point. A lot of the guys I see pulling bigger weights seem to have a pretty simple setup whereas the guys that are pulling with everything they’ve got to pull three plates are the ones marching around and screaming at the weights and making a big commotion.

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There was a dude at my gym the other day, he was deadlifting and dropping the bar real loud, though he was repping 4 plates, true story. He was doing like 405x5-6 so not bad, but the obnoxious douchebag style dropping of the bar was annoying, if he could rep the weight six times surely he could’ve had the strength to
put the bar down like a normal person. he was a big dude though, big hands, tall and such, I have tiny baby hands that aren’t going to get any bigger, when I deadlift it’s ALWAYS my grip that gives out first #tinyhands, I’ve considered buying wrist wraps, but then I figured why bother, I’m not training for strength, I’m more hypertrophy orientated so I don’t really need to go heavy… Buuuuuuuuut even when not going heavy my forearms will occasionally give because my tiny short person hands have to grip the bar

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How is this “looking hardcore”??


And yelling Ronnie Colemans words is just fun/hilarious. I have honestly never heard anyone say them to try and look hardcore. It is always as a joke. The same way people yell raindrops/ Kobe when playing ball

Because they strut around with their buddies like they own the gym, every dude waiting by the squat rack with their arms puffed out as if they’ve got lats like roast beef, I’ve seen this before, it’s typically a group of teenagers or young college/ University students. Then they slap each other to egg each other on before squatting like 225 (I’m aware the back slapping thing is to rev ppl up for a lift but I’ve never understood it).

Seems like her complaint is more about taking up limited equipment for long periods.

“Then they just sit there until another 4 or 5 of their little posse shows up, so they all can talk and work in together. Making the already limited amount of squat racks unusable for 3 hours at a time.”

Unless my eyes weren’t reading the title of the thread correctly. I was giving an example of something I find to not be hardcore. If my delivery of my comment is confusing, my bad. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t happen all the time, but large groups get that whole ego boost thing going.

Something along the lines of this. I have no idea what they’re personal lives are like, nor do focus so much on the poundages being lifted, it’s more or less that whole group mentality thing. One upping each other, seeing who’s the “pack leader”. All that.

Obviously there’s that too. Didn’t know my comment needed to be so heavily scrutinized.

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There’s nothing wrong with it if you want to do it. I just don’t see any value in using a smith machine to do anything akin to max effort singles. Then again, I’m a guy who is seeing less and less value in max effort singles with barbells for people who don’t compete in barbell sports. I’m obviously a bit biased and possibly uninformed. Maybe the smith machine deadlift max could be a wacky new strongman event people need to train for. Maybe that’s what that dude I saw was doing a few months ago. Maybe smith machine max squats are more fun and productive than I envision. Who am I to know these things?

I mentioned it because the people I’ve seen pushing weights I’d consider to be ridiculous on the Smith Machine definitely gave off the “Doing Hardcore Wrong” vibe, as per thread title.


Listen bro you don’t need to chalk up for a set of 30 on the bicep lateral fly machine abductor. You just don’t okay?


Having a shirt announcing to the world proclaiming your self-professed badassery.
Scrawny fucks with shirts that declare the wearer “beast” or “bad-ass” just set themselves up for failure and ensuing ridicule.

I have 6 shirts I rotate for gymwear, all without anything on them (except my Nike swoosh tank…sun’s out guns out). Maybe that’s why my lifting sucks…boring shirts.

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Eating (chicken/rice/broccoli) in the gym.
Cricket bag full of gear and supplements.
Dropping the track pants to pose.
Snark remarks about how much weight isbon some kid’s bar then suddenly shutting up when someone who squats 4 plates turns up


The shirts are a fashion fad. I see women who look like they’ve been training for three months after neglecting themselves for a decade wearing shirts like LIFT/EAT/SLEEP/REPEAT. I think I’ve also seen the running version.

Last week I saw a really nice guy wearing a Nike shirt that said I AM THE FREAK or something similar.

I don’t think I can ever wear something like that until I no longer see people at the gym who are bigger and stronger than me. If you’re not the biggest and baddest dude in the gym then you’re definitely not the freak.

I guess I could join Planet Fitness.