Things That Could Bias Your Bloodwork?


having a doctors appointment next week to check my t-levels. Have you guys any advice on what not to do to avoid biasing the results? E.g. sth like lifting, running etc. Sex is not an issue, as I’ve already abstained for roughly 6 weeks.

Thanks in advance!

As for just t-levels, have them checked in the morning before 10. Working out can boost them transiently within a couple hours post workout, how large of an effect I am not sure. If you are running other labs though, be aware liver enzymes can also be elevated from working out, especially if you are sore at time of draw.

What is your goal? Real assessment or trying to reduce your T to get a script?

Hey @studhammer … I have blood work on Friday and I need to reduce my T levels to renew my script. I pin Mondays and Thursdays 80mg each. Thinking about skipping my Thursday pin. What do you think? My last bloods taken on my own were 953 ng/dl before my pin on Thurs.

Definitely skip your last pin, and there are other things to do as well. Drinking and jerking off are 2 big ones!! LOL Preferably not simultaneously. :joy:

Others include staying up late, working out hard…basically treating your body like shit will reduce your Test

LMFAO … Dick!