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Things that can never be

  1. Rock and Roll can never be too loud.
  2. Beer can never be too cold
  3. Weight can never be too heavy.
  4. You can never get too much head.
  5. You can never watch enough football.

Just some quick thoughts.

you can get permanent ear damage (tinitis) from loud rock music, beer will freeze solid if its too cold, weight that is too heavy is useless, and after a sunday triple header its time to change the channel…

but you can never get too much head

  1. You’re goddamn right it can’t!
  2. Or too dark.
  3. Or at least we’d all like to think so
  4. Toothy blowjobs being the exception
  5. Football sucks. Long live hockey.

Proceed to bash my Canadianness.

ACDC blasting form the sterio, a cold Corona w/lime in hand. Curling an 80lb dumbell while Jenna Jameson gives me oral till I puncture her lungs and watching the NY Giants beat the shit out of the Eagles on a 56 inch wide plasma screen tv. Now thats paradise baby!!!

yeah, Dave, you’re right, I forgot about the toothy blowjob…sorry about that. How about these…

  1. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, “Animal House” is still funny as shit!

  2. The same rule applies to “Stripes”.

  3. Anyone who burns the American Flag can never be beaten severely enough.

Some more thoughts

Well, the problem with flags is they don’t make a distinction between a people and a government.

Many protesters burn the flag as a display of hatred toward the current US government, but not as a negative gesture towards “Americans” in general (hell, most of the people who burn the flag in this manner ARE Americans).

I don’t really think people protesting the current US gov’t “cannot be beated badly enough”. I happen to hate the bastards as well.

That said, this obviously doesn’t apply to the typical middle-eastern display of burning the flag “kill Americans, America is the Great Satan” etc. etc. thing that you were probably referring to.

Actually, I’ve seen people burn the actual government flag (ya know, the blue one) instead of the Stars & Stripes… I give those protesters much more, er, ‘respect’ than most.

The Stars and Stripes stands for (well, at least it used to) good things. Burning it is wrong.

  1. after you reach 4 years old, farts are always and will always be funny.
  2. think about sex once a day…from the time you wake up till you go to bed.
  3. never be satisfied with your physique. it can always be better. anything for that matter. (you can always get more head, better grades, etc)

“Rock and Roll can never be too loud…”

Never been to an Ozzy Osbourne concert, have ya? :slight_smile:

dave, you make a valid point, and people can protest the government if they want to, but I draw the line with burning the stars and stripes. People fight and die for that flag, and that flag stands as a reminder of that…that those people died for the protestors rights to protest. For people to say that they hate the government and then beg for the 1st amendment protection of that government…that just seems pussy to me. As for people who burn the flag in protest to any kind of military action, in this instance, US involvement in Iraq, they are also misguided in my book for the very simple reason that they very often make personal insults and attacks at US soldiers (I am one, and I have had it happen to me). These people fail to realize that I am not the president, and I have nothing to do with the country’s foreign policy. For them to burn the US flag in protest of us is in and of itself a personal attack on US soldiers. If someone has a problem with what I am doing, then they need to come up with a smart argument, and present it to me like a fucking man, and not just yell shit while I’m driving my in my car…that is what we have local, state and federal governments for…if people feel somethings bullshit, then they can try to fix it. I’m off my soap-box now…sorry


oh yeah forgot one. how about it is impossible to avoid masturbation when watching a tv special on spring break.

tjf: I think we actually pretty much agree. :slight_smile:

That’s my point, I totally understand anti-government sentiment (they are destroying the country and all…) but burning the stars and stripes is not the way to show it.

If I saw people burning the Canadian flag, I’d be fucking pissed too, but I’m no fan of our government either (being a huge collection of gutless pussies).

Most of these “protesters” need to think about things before they go run around and act like idiots.