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Things that Annoy Me at the Gym


I know this has been done before, but I just wanted to share my top 6 list.

  1. Partial Rep Pros i.e. Ego Super Stars - People who NEVER use full range of motion. You're not that strong; you can't bench 315 to depth and if you do, you bounce it off your chest and then have your spotter curl the bar off of you.

  2. The C.A.B. Crew - You get to the gym, do a set of Curls, a set of Abs a set of Bench and call it a day.

  3. Cardio Addicts - People that ONLY do cardio because according to them, if they even LOOK at a weight wrong, they'll explode and become the next Mr or Ms. Olympia. Oh and of course, doing cardio is the most effective way to lose fat, duh.

  4. Ostrich Syndrome - You look like you lift weights at first glance, but that's only because you've been part of the C.A.B. crew for the past 10 years and successfully created an optical illusion. If someone told you to squat or do one of it's variations, you would tell them you would, but it's bad for your knees. You prefer to train your legs on the elliptical or recumbent bike while reading GQ Magazine.

  5. The Belted Warrior - Why are you wearing a belt during your set of curls? If you're using your back THAT much, you're probably not strong enough to use that weight.

  6. The Etiquette Challenged - Yes, I'm still using that piece of equipment, my belt and water bottle are 1 inch from it and my sweat is still on it. Yes, I'm planning to use that 45 lbs plate, please don't take it off during the MIDDLE of my set. Go get that one from the Smith Machine that's 3 feet away. Why wouldn't you do that in the first place? No one is on it! You want to know how many sets of squats I still have left in the rack? Quite a few, why what are you planning to do? Curls and Pullups?! Here's a tip, if you can pick the bar up off the ground, you don't need the rack! There's also 6 other stations you can use that are SPECIFICALLY BUILT for pullups!!! Please put your weights away when you're done, consider it part of your workout.


You've been here since 2009 and weren't aware of the Squat Rack Curls thread where stories like this are meant to be posted?


Upon reconsideration, you're both 100% right. My applogies, the post should have gone there.


Unless your gym just blew up or you have a video of a guy curling 5lb DBs screaming that he's bigger than the HUlk then basic stuff like you have will just have to go on page 34 or whatever of Squat Rack Curls XII or whatever.


Oh yeah! Tooootally... and how about that shake weight/ lunk alarm.


That's a Top 6 list chief...


This week :

When i was doing my running intervals (20 minutes of alternate sprint and jog) on the treadmill--the annoyed glances i was getting from 3.. err..ladies of a cerian age that were sitting on the recumbent bikes having a nice chat and watching tv.

Sorry ladies i will try to be quieter next time so as not to spoil your nice morning at 'THE GYM'


To be perfectly honest, the cardio section is not for serious exercise or training.
It is set there specifically for people to feign workouts.
You should be doing those intervals outdoors, you inconsiderate ape.


I find charging or asking for a donation for bottled water to be very annoying.

My old gym gave the bottled stuff away for free (water, vitamin water, etc). And I got used to it. Now I moved and my new gym has a little sign on top of the frig asking for a $2 donation for bottled water! Un-believable. Next visit, I'm gonna take that little sign on a placecard and throw it in the trash. And then get a water.


So you find paying for a consumer based good annoying? Your old gym must have had quite the deal with Coca Cola to be just giving away all the Vitamin Water they could. Maybe this is some common occurrence in American gyms, but I'm going to say that's not the case.


Maybe you could just fill an old bottle up with the water fountain? That's still free isn't it?


A little spoiled, aren't we?




Yes, I got spoiled.
Both places are very small, with 1-2 employees.
It's not like a Ballys with rows of vending machines or anything.
My old gym took it a step further, with bowls of fruit and/or bars, as well.
After a few years of that, it starts to feel perfectly normal.
Then, to go to a new place that hits me up for a 'water donation'?
It feels annoying, yes, lol.


The only gyms I've been to where you get free water and fruits were all hotel gyms.

Stock up on free towels too.


I had the frakking most annoying gym experience last night.

A shitty workout.


You said frakking. In WW Jim Jams!


Seriously... why can't you just use the water fountain?


Or go completely nuts: ARRIVE at the gym with your gallon in hand like all us other lunk heads. But that would be too easy, now, would it be?

Edit: Holy shit the smell from my white laundry pile is making me dizzy. Tomorrow's a definite laundry day.


It's not fortified with vitamins for his dainty little mouth...