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Things Real Men Do

Mmm, cupcakes.

She probably smells like some kind of icing but that just goes with the profession I’d reckon

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Maybe she smells just a little fishy.

Ahhhhh Starting to feel just a little like old times.


Figured I’d post this here, too. I’m very proud of this film, it will be coming out in less than a month. Hope some of you will watch!

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That looks like it has serious potential. Congrats on your accomplishment!

Thank you, sir!

That’s like full feature length, huh?

Let us know about the release date.

That was a good punch! :clap:

Haha, the kid’s still got a left hook! Yeah, this is a feature, it will be released on July 24th. May play in a few drive-in theaters, but will also be available on-demand everywhere on that day.


Looks like a good movie, Eddie - I will def be ordering it when it comes out.

Awesome! Thank you, it’s much appreciated.

Trailer for my next film just dropped!!

Special message for all of you on the West Coast:


Thx Eddie!

Your Public Service Announcement is appreciated in NorCal too!

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