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Things I've Done In the Last 10 Years


Quit smoking. Quit drinking. Eat better....I mean fresh fruit and vegetables EVERY day. I actually like broccoli now. I eat my vegetables raw, no vinegar, no dressing. Just raw. Eat fish every day too.

Gave up salt. Don't miss it anymore.

I'm now 56. I bicycle or hike everyday. I can pull a 500lb deadlift any time I feel like it. I can box squat 450 off a 10 inch box. 10 INCH BOX! I can bench 365 with no shirt.

I started HRT. Wow what a difference. I fuck the little lady every day. It's great!

That's it. That's pretty much what I've done.


I have gotten off the xanax after 6yrs. I am over a week without any, and probably haven't taken 2 in the last 3wks, so I would have to think the worst is over.

I re-read your post and decided to start eating better. I don't eat that bad, but I can cut out some of the "screw it" foods.

I'm down to 3 or 4 cigarettes a day and now that I'm off the xanax, I can end that nightmare.

So yeah, at 55, it's time to start doing the right thing as I am seeing that I have to stay on top of things.

My shoulders, knees and forearm are killing me so I might take a month off from weights.



Last 10 years......

Started going to the gym, still a novice at lifting but I keep at it.

Three years ago I started to clean up my eating habits. I'm not perfect, but I am way better than back then. Veggies and fruit daily, no white bread or like products. Lots of water. Less beer. Fish and chicken are more of a staple now.....still eat steaks, chops, ribs...very seldom burgers, hot dogs, etc.

Never have smoked, and I never quit playing softball (fast & slow pitch), still play basketball 3-4 nights a week, still cut, split, and stack firewood.

Sex is still great!

All in all, at 55 I have gotten back on the right track. Sometimes I feel like a 30 yr old trapped in this old body!

Oh, I stumbled on to this site a few years ago, and it has been a major influence on my lifestyle.


It's bad enough that I write about what I did in the last 10 days on a 10 yr thread, but I left out that I haven't drank in 8yrs. Talk about brain dead.