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Things in the Gym that make us HAPPY...

Walking into “the room” and seeing pictures of Andrei Chemerkin, Pyrros Dimas, Marc Huster, Leonid Taranenko, Sultan Rakhmanov…and on and on… all over the walls - Sequence pictures of lifts, or just still shots of completed lifts…Lots of chalk dust and just dust in general…and then the sounds of the bumper kilo plates and lifting shoes hitting the platform…

Seeing women that have really good physiques who wear outfits that show off said physique.

Seeing someone other than me actually use the power rack.

Seeing someone do squats with more than a quarter rep.

Seeing someone do dumbbell shrugs with more than 50 lbs.

Seeing someone doing a negative that lasts more than 1 second.

The rare occasion when there’s a song playing in the gym that actually motivating to work out.

When people ask me what I’m doing.

The strange looks from people looking at my Testosterone T-short.

Things I like:

  1. Walking in and seeing the platforms and reverse hyper.
  2. Not having any damn fitness bunnies walking around. They’re a distraction.
  3. Bumpers

Not being injured at the moment.

Seeing someone besides my self doing squats or Deads with good form.

Recently as I was doing Deadlift Walks and Overhead Press Squats some guy comes up to me and tells me that he was amazed to see a girl performing those exercises and told me to keep up the good work. That made my day.

Definitely like seeing people training hardcore, doing olympic lifts, heavy squats and deadlifts.

I like seeing the occasional hardcore female, who does goodmornings instead of leg curls, squats instead of leg extensions, and bench pressing with a bar.

I like it when someone looks at the weight i’m using, looks at me, and asks me if I know how much it is. Then doing my set with perfect form as they gawk at me.

I like going to the gym on saturday, and seeing the few college kids who work out when there’s no one to impress, and no reason to go escept that you care about your body.


  1. Where the hell do you workout?!
  2. Can I join you sometime? :slight_smile:


You kick ass. Pure and simple.

1-I like to be there after a hard day at work and forget everything.
2-to see people working as hard as me
3-to see people asking me what kind of training i’m doing…and why
4- to do a new training routine