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Things I'm Sick Of In Movies


There are many things in movies that have been done to death and I'm sick of.

Couple Touching Foreheads Instead of Kissing
In many movies the couple will touch foreheads and say I'll be right back" or whatnot. Does anyone really do this in real life?

Precocious Kids Saying Dirty Things To Single-mom's New Guy
The new guy will show up at the single mom's house to take her out for a date and the 6 year-old boy will saying something like "Are you going to put your penis into my mom's vagina?" or some stupid shit like that.

Kid Will Call Parents By Their First Name But Change By The End
This happens in action or disaster movies where the kid doesn't respect the parent but once the parent saves their lives they finally start calling them mom or dad.

Crouch Landings
In lots of action movies especially vampire type ones like Blade and Underworld...the hero will jump from somewhere impossibly high and land in a cool crouch, looking down, then slowly unfold up. I'm sick of that.

Gape-Mouthed Monsters
The CG monsters will jump at the hero but not before roaring with an overly-large CG mouth...always jumping at the camera by the some point too. Latest example is the movie Priest...I think it happens 4 times in just the trailer.

One character is sitting down as the one who saved his life earlier leaves the room...the one sitting down calls him by name, then the guy leaving turns around....the guy sitting says on;y "...thanks" to which the guy leaving just nods and leaves.

That's it for now....I'll think of more later.


Ugly actresses.


^^That's true!
I mean, Maggie Gylemnhalerltrty certainly does look like oatmeal, but before her was Gwyneth Paltorw (better but still odd) and Uma "Bugface" Thurman.


3D. Get that shit out of here.


All actresses should be either ridiculously beautiful, painfully cute... or character actresses. No unattractive leading ladies! And I guess I should cross post this in the reveal your shallowness SAMA thread.


when the fuck did she become ugly? I'd be willing to bet that she's hotter than any of the bitches that y'all have been fucking


You sir are clearly high, drunk, or insane. Maggie Gyllenhall is a hideous oatmeal face with or without makeup. She is uglier than all of my male friend's girlfriends, and uglier than all of my female friends.

I do not fuck girls.

<-- I am a girl

But if I did they would be way hotter than MG


^^ Don't fret Hallowed, there's always someone that comes along and says that she's too good looking and wouldn't have sex with me if I were the last man on Earth.

If I were the last man on Earth Maggie Gyllenenhalylyl wouldn't even be allowed in line.


Drunk maybe, however, before you call someone ugly that is making millions partly off of her good looks, let me ask you, how much money do you make from your looks?


And, believe it or not...gasp...I've been with a few girls much prettier than Maggie Gyterauibrehtyll.


If you were the last man on earth, surly you would only have sex with the most beautiful, intelligent and emotionally stable women?

Not for yourself of course, but for mankinds sake.

However, if you consider the sexual routine some Chinese emperors had to endure, maybe being the last man on earth would kind of suck.


But apparently you grew up in Canada where the hot wimmenz are at.


OP, the only thing that is more annoying than a guy calling an attractive women ugly, is an ugly guy calling an attractive women ugly, trust me, she wouldn't fuck you with a 10 foot pole. From my short time lurking these forums, I'm already completely turned off by the members. The only constant posters just go around blowing up each others ego whenever someone else comes in and tries to disprove one of their points. Shit on bodybuilding.com all you want, at least the posters on the forums there actually and helpful and friendly and trying to better each other


ADDITIONALLY, while I agree she is hideous IRL I am not saying she is too ugly to live. I am saying MOVIES should have amazing looking women. Just cuz someone can get laid IRL doesn't mean I feel like seeing their giant faces on the big screen.


You ever been to their Misc section?


You are drunk. You will be ashamed tomorrow.
Sleep tight... may MG blow you in your dreams.


So now Maggie Gytlemkaeill is better because she has more money???

I guess you think Rosie O"Donnell is hotter than Hallowed now too? I'm sure she's got lots of money.


notice that I never said anything about their intelligence, that's why I've been reading information from this website for awhile. My point was that the community over there actually seems to care about being helpful and improving, whereas the people in this community just seem to want an ego boost and shit on people smaller and weaker than them, again just my opinion, flame away


BB.com troll where the fuck is DB Cooper when you need him?

You no like our boards? Please feel free to GTFO.


my point was that obviously a significant amount of people find her attractive or else she wouldn't have made it big in an industry that is significantly based upon appearance.