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Things I'm Sick Of In Commercials


1) There are many commercials for 3D plasma TVs and I guess the ad guys that make the commercials are painted into a corner as what can they do other than SHOW STUFF FLY OUT OF THE TV?!?!?

2) Snack food commercials are basically all Wile E Coyote skits. Some guy sees someone with a snack food and he does all sorts of dangerous things to get it...but it's fucking half-eaten already and a new one costs 75 cents.

Now I've been out of North America a while..but I know they still do this shit in commercials.


Medicine commercials as a guy in the medical field for so long this just kills me, especially Viagra. If you dont know what Viagra is you are either too young or fucking dead.

Commercials that you watch and do not know WTF it was for? Leave you sitting there asking "Was that a tire commercial or vaginal hygiene product?"


If you see women in yoga clothes sitting on armchairs with their feet up then it's usually a yogurt ad.


I hate to even mention it, but the PF commercials just started rolling in my area. My wife, who doesn't even know the deal on PF, was like 'what the fuck was that all about? Do they want you to join or not?'


Women and Shit! Is this a recent issue or have women been full of shit for years and just coming out about it?

Animal cruelty commercials during dinner time? Damn that music they use is burnt in my head for life.


AFN commercials. Nuff said.


This. If you don't know what he's talking about, thank your lucky stars. They are corny-ass, low budget mockeries of the military and cinema. I mean, cracked eggs with faces on them to illustrate how important wearing a helmet is? Really? I guess the entire military is 5 years old.


I'm tired of seeing men portrayed as idiots and buffoons in commercials.


So hard to watch.

I have pretty much as close as you can get to zero empathy for humans, you put a beaten puppy on TV and I am chocked up and ready to adopt 16 more dogs.


This fucking guy:

He's even worse on the radio, if you can believe it.


My misogynistic theory for this is that they are pandering to women who I guess sit in front of the TV and are more easily coerced by it than men.


That freaking animal cruelty commercial... I just can't stand it.... I don't want to cry but they're trying to make me....


A lot more TVs in the kitchen these days I guess.



So that means with all the TP commercials......


I'm all for them getting the info out about it. But damn, they need to show that stuff after 9pm.


And supposedly THIS commercial is supposed to be a reverse of that;

I fucking HATE this commercial. It's horrible, why would this ad possibly attract me to their service? I don't understand some advertising campaigns.

Also, commercials that insult my intelligence. I can't find them on Youtube, but there's a series of commercials where "real" people are just all of a sudden thrown in front of a group of hungry and anxious (press? media?) people all asking them questions about the car. When I see this I think "FUCK YOU FORD, I KNOW THEY'RE PAID ACTORS!" I just can't stand those "real" commercials they try to pass off as legitimate.

Lastly, and this also goes back to AT&T (I think,) but I hated those commercials where the phone would get cut off at a really in-opportune time, which would inevitably lead to some kind of awkward or bad response from the other person. There was also a line of these commercials a few years back. Just stupid. Same point as #1... I don't like what is basically "reverse-negative" marketing.

This can also include companies belittling/slandering other companies in a commercial. Nothing screams "desperate" like having to go after other companies.

I would like to redeem this thread/post with the greatest two commercials ever committed to film:

If you hadn't seen any of these yet, you're welcome. :slight_smile:


truth, i already have 2 adopted dogs and working at the Humane Society doesnt make it any easier cause I want all the dogs that come in....


CGI talking lizards and homely insurance sales girls.


I want to punch this little piece of shit right in the mouth and then rip out his mother's ovaries to ensure she can never produce another hell spawn like him...... Too much?