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Things I Learned

Things I learned in my weekend AFLCA course.

  1. Going slow on the concentric portion of a movement is superior to moving the weight as fast as possible in terms of building maximal strength. I was told word for word, “You are wrong, trying going slowly you will get a much better burn, therefore you will increase in strength”. I guess all those times I was pushing the weight as fast as I can is a waste. Damn that’s a year wasted on useless training.

  2. There have been no studies on creatine and it’s effects. There are no benefits of taking creatine and the comparison I got was that it’s like eating 20 16oz steaks. How does this work? I wish I knew. Also all ergogenic aids do not work it’s all placebo effect

  3. Static stretching is the only way to go. You should stretch (cold) twice a day. This WILL improve flexibility. At least the teacher said stretching before does nothing, but stretching cold daily will help? God. Help. Me.

  4. There are no studies proving the effects of the benefits of consuming more protein while training. Money wasted on all that protein. Man I’ve been wrong for so long.

  5. The reverse warrior lunge is not a good way to stretch the hip flexors. Instead you should lie on a table and hang your leg off it. I wanted to die a little at this point.

  6. Every stretch ever invented comes from Yoga and pilates. Diving dog, monkey tree sun flower, gorilla sunshine raindrop cat. I’m not going to bag on Yoga but when the teacher made Yoga out to be the holy grail of stretching I couldn’t help but hate it.

  7. If you do 100 crunches each day will you have a rocking 6 pack. I had to remind her about body fat which immediately had her back pedaling in her training advise to include a good diet based on, what else, but the food guide. sigh

The amount of misinformation is staggering.

Even the teachers barely knew their stuff. I could tell they were just reading out of a book. Massage Therapist students and Personal Fitness Trainer students (which I am one of) poked holes in their anatomy diagrams and biomechanic lectures, destroyed their nutritional information, and workout program design isn’t even worth deconstructing.

The reason I took this course is to get paid while I do my practicum for my PFT course. So there was a reason. I can’t wait to the strength portion of this course. I gotta go do some sled dragging.

Whew, you had me going for a second there. I was starting to think you were buying into that crap.

[quote]fallout188 wrote:
I wanted to die a little at this point.

LOL. Sorry. How long did you have to sit through this?

OK what the fuck is ALFCA? I really need to avoid that shit.

[quote]Brendan Ryan wrote:
OK what the fuck is ALFCA? I really need to avoid that shit.[/quote]

It’s the California branch of the Alf fan club. They get together every couple of months to discuss their favorite episode and cat recipes.

Yes today was flambe feline, very good. But no, Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association is what it stands for and there’s plenty of other ones in the states as well. Weekend or 1 week courses and BAM, you’re a certified “personal trainer”.

You’re right though, don’t even bother. I told that much to one person taking the class. They didn’t take it very well. O well.

[quote]texass wrote:
fallout188 wrote:
I wanted to die a little at this point.

LOL. Sorry. How long did you have to sit through this?[/quote]

I got a solid taste of bullshit for 8 straight hours.

At least the anatomy portion kind of helped me study for my test on tuesday!