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Things I Can't Prove, But Believe


see Nardsie!

I have nothing but l.u.v for Canada!~


Well, the game has changed...


Wow. You waited a long time for that. Do you have an exceptional memory/hold grudges?

Or did you compose a response, then search for a post to which to respond?


That ship sailed away 104 years before groo's post.


I believe:

  1. Humiliation is a thing never forgotten.

  2. That Islamic terrorism will be the death of this planet, no matter how many you kill, 10 take their place. If they had WMD's and a way to deliver them , they would.

  3. My county (USA) that I have fought for and continue to fight for, is rotting from within.

  4. Our "leaders" have allowed our country to crumble internally , while funding ever second/third/four world country on the planet. We have become the world's economic whore and every country fucks us over, even our precious NATO allies.

  5. A Clinton presidency will be the start, of the death of the Second Admendment.

  6. The vast majority care more about a football game than the flag of our nation.

  7. If the Chinese Navy sailed up the Hudson, the vast majority would take pictures and post on Facebook, instead of picking up a rifle.

  8. Due to their own stupidity, I will never see another Republican president in my lifetime.

  9. The Chinese are playing the long game and will eventually, after the rot has worked its magic, make their move for conquering.

  10. We have no leadership in dealing with Russia, Iran and China. If those three ever combined forces, we are are fucked.


I just loved this thread. It was a nice bump.


Good will triumph over evil.
You reap what you sow.
Weed is God's gift to humanity
Hard work will make any shitty situation better
Perspective is everything.
Those who try to better themselves and society will constantly be at odds with negative inactive people out of their ignorance
Diplomacy is vital to the preservation of the Western world.
You can not stoop to a tyrants level and have to uphold your own societies values while in times of conflict.


I believe that for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows~!


1) That my dogs love me as much as I love them
2) That people are not much smarter than animals
3) That Id be happier if I was a dog
4) That people like my dogs facebook page


That Aero51 fucks his dogs


@Yogi1is jealous of @Aero51


jealous of his dogs, maybe


My dick is too fat for you yogi, stick to tge amateurs


Aero is jelly of Yogi's athletic cockasoaur~


I believe, but can’t prove, that the sort of resistance training machines you see in most gyms are indicative of bizarre and mercifully unspecified sexual proclivities rather than any desire for health.