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Things I Can't Prove, But Believe


Hitting the keys harder on Madden makes your players hit harder ;")



I'd rather have a mini-Jewbacca. Much more informative.


Here's your mini-Chewbacca.

I think pic is real...but I think the bandolier may have been added later.


Papa Smurf was def. a pedo.


So....you want an Ewok?


Is that kind of like moving your game controller up when you jump?


I believe under intelligent people jerk game controllers around to move objects on a screen.

I believe zinc, magnesium and calcium, when supplemented daily, greatly increase endurance, strength and recovery.

You should take calcium in the morning, a multi-vitamin at lunch and zinc and magnesium together at bed time.


I think farm life raises boys well. If all boys were farm boys there'd be less douchebaggary in the world.

^^^ That was a realization I had whilst posting in clutz's workout log.

I believe it to be true, but I cannot prove it, therefore it is something I can post in this thread (finally).


K another one

I think there is a whole concept of shared anxiety.

Here, let me explain this to you my friends.

Person A is a paranoid/anxious/irrational thinker type, but won't admit that he/she has a problem
Person B is a person with diagnosed anxiety and can assume most of his/her thoughts are irrational and typically keeps them to him/herself.

Oh and these two people know each other and are talking.

K fucking hell Person A is my dad and person B is me.

So person A is stressed about something and person B is feeling A-OK. Person A doesn't realize they are thinking irrational thoughts so they express them and do so with a tone that makes it sound as though the world is coming to an end.
Then person B, who wasn't stressed at that particualr moment, now gets their brain chemistry goin' wonky and crazy signials start being sent every which way. Person A and person B are now both having an anxiety attack brought on by the same irrational thoughts, BUT person B would have not been having said panic attack if person A could realize they have anxiety and learn when to keep the crazies at bay.

UHH YA! I wonder if shrinks have this written in a book somewheres, or something.


Has anxiety attack



sounds exactly like my in-laws.

they're all a nervous bunch -

hang in there, SpockieGurl~


I believe that Canada has the hottest pieces of tail in the universe~



1-GOD (BIG "G")

2-Lucifer=Satan=5Guys Burgers

3-Brazilian Women are proof the Nazi's perfected the serum for Super Humans

4-Hitlers Dad was Jewish

5-TC and Prof X are the same person they just swap identities depending on the woman that is looking for them that month.

7-Wishing for a non violent world is a great thing. Saying it out loud to many times will get you killed (Jesus, Ghandi, MLK).

8-Canada is the 51'st state (but its a secret).

9-When a Cat brings you a freshly killed animal its not showing you love. Its warning you.

10-Playing fetch with your dog pisses them off after the 5th throw.


This may well be something we can prove. I just need several weeks and a lot of funding from a major university.

Ya know, for science.


You should take a trip to Switzerland. I just got back from a trip there last night and there were a lot of amazing looking women there. Even my fiance commented on it. India also has a lot of very attractive women.


I read lone survivor as well , one of the best books I have ever read if you havent you need to


Got to agree with you brother on #3. :slight_smile:

ASS be perfect


It's like Magic :slight_smile:


This is true.

I was back home in little ol' Winnipeg and it really is surprising how many beautiful women there are.
I mean especially in the service industry. Every bar and restaurant has gorgeous women working in it.


I see. Thank you.